Why I Change the Title so Often

I never meant for my blog to have so many different names. It’s just that I haven’t found timthumbone that sticks yet.

I started this blog as a way to put some focus on heavy metal bands in my area and called it “Notes from the Pit.” Unfortunately, after a while I stopped getting into pits so often and there isn’t much of a metal scene. My taste in music changed so much I actually find myself enjoying Neil Diamond. I changed the name to be able to encompass different styles of music and to try to regain some of the anonymity I lost when a certain band discovered my identity after a bad review and threatened to kick my ass.

Of course, a few weeks later I wrote the inflammatory, trolling post “Conundrum of the Critic” under my new name “Almost Famous” so that didn’t work.

I liked the name “Almost Famous.” I’ve always been a fan of the film and William Miller’s adventure is one that I would love to go on myself. But a Google search reveals several sites referencing the movie, a few for a band, one for a body jewelry store in North Dakota and a more for clothes, jeans, etc. It’s a nice name, but not very original or identifiable.

Early on someone made the comment that “I wasn’t making anyone ‘famous’” with my site. Oddly enough that bothered me more than people threatening to mop the floor with my face or wishing I would break my legs on church pews. I’m not sure if that’s because my meaning was so awfully misinterpreted or because I’m sad they never saw such a great movie.

So, for now we’ll go with “the Audible Stew.” It’s short, sweet and sweeping. I’ll stick with it until I find something better…or a little more alliterative.


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