Camp Anarchy (Day 3)

Camp Anarchy, 2 June 2019

Legend Valley; Thornville, OH

Spanish Love Songs, The Bombpops, Iron Chic, The Bronx, TSOL, Less Than Jake, Bad Religion, NOFX

I hate to say it, but the last day of Camp Anarchy was a little anti-climactic. It was pretty obvious as we dragged ourselves in that we were all a little wore out. I didn’t drink, smoke, take any drugs other than ibuprofen and spent my nights in a motel so I can only imagine how haggard the drunken masses were feeling by this point.

I didn’t realize until a few hours in but the organizers did a really good job of grouping the bands for each day. Friday was mostly hardcore and Saturday had a lot of ska. Sunday was the pop-punk day and while I usually enjoy that subgenre, after being worn out by the ska and hardcore it was hard to feel it.

I have to give Spanish Love Songs some credit. They had the worst set time of the weekend. Those poor bastards were playing mostly to the underage kids who weren’t able to get their hands on booze or pot and the one straight edge guy with a blog.

The Bombpops

I was really excited to see the Bombpops. I checked them out on Spotify and fell in love with their brand of pop-punk. They come off as almost bubblegum because of the cutesy, female vocals until you realize they’re singing about getting drunk and shitting their pants. I also really enjoyed Jen Razavi’s lead guitar style which is similar to the ultra-simple stuff Johnny Ramone played but taken up a notch by moving across the strings.

The Bronx is one of those bands who are bigger than I realized. They’ve been making records for years and playing fests. I actually had one of their tunes on a mix CD a few years ago. I was never able to figure out who played that song even after Google made it easy to find that stuff out and I’m sleeping a lot better now that the mystery is solved.

Unlike every other band that has gotten a pingback from this event, I haven’t gotten to know TSOL any better than when I first saw them open for Dead Kennedys last year. They’re definitely in a world of their own and are very unlikely to show up on shuffle play for any artist on any music app. Plus, as much as I enjoy their tunes the comedic banter between was completely golden.

I managed to remain calm and adult all the way until Bad Religion started playing at 8:40. That was when my HIIT workout began. For whatever reason, it took a while to set up the stage for them so I had plenty of time to stake my claim to a spot to watch from, but within about 2.5 seconds I was shoved elsewhere and only managed to take a brief rest after crowd surfing out of the mayhem (before running right back into it two songs later). There was finally some slam-dancing instead of just a bunch of idiots running around in circles like the Muslims do with that big rock in Mecca and while I don’t think it was more intense than the Offspring’s pit on Friday, I think that’s just because everyone was so fucking wore out.

I’m not sure the pit was even as intense for them as it was at the Summer Nationals tour when I remember seeing the entire crowd bouncing up and down for “21st Century Digital Boy,” but I could be wrong as I was able to view that pit from the outside.

I hadn’t realized that this was NOFX’s first US show since they were dropped by a sponsor after a joke about last year’s Las Vegas shooting. It was nice to hear that experience didn’t get them to tone anything down and they kept me in stitches throughout their set. I’m not the biggest fan of their music and I had intended to leave early, but they were just so damn enjoyable. I’m wondering if they have a live album that features all the between song banter. That’s what I need to make a fan out of me.

I almost don’t want to post a video as I’m worried it might lead to more hardship for the band.

I hope you’ll all forgive me for taking an extra day on the last post of this series. After getting home and feeding the cats all the adrenaline wore off and I managed to nap most of the day away. Shit like this is fun as hell, but it really makes me realize I need to hit the gym more before next year.




Camp Anarchy (Day 2)

Camp Anarchy, 1 June 2019

Legend Valley; Thornville, OH

Voodoo Glow Skulls, A Wilhelm Scream, The Suicide Machines, OFF!, The Damned, Suicidal Tendencies, Pennywise, Rancid

Two down, one more to go. My mind wishes it would last longer, but my body is saying ‘Let’s go home!’

I liked the early ska bands more than I thought I would. My intentions were to arrive about halfway into Voodoo Glow Skulls’ set, but I got there in time to watch the whole thing and was surprised by how much I enjoyed them. I’ve never been a fan of ska. I’m not sure why. But watching them play live had me trying my hand at skanking. Maybe trombone and sax is the perfect combination in a horn section to pique my interest. Or maybe it was voodoo.

I’ve enjoyed The Suicide Machines since I saw them at The ANC in 2016. They might just be my gateway to ska because they’re more of a hardcore band with some ska leanings. They keep popping up on my Google Play account at work and I keep listening. Who knows, maybe they’ll be my first official ska CD purchase.

I checked out A Wilhelm Scream on YouTube before the show and was interested to see them, but they didn’t do it for me live. They’re definitely a capable band, but I think they might be too capable. I don’t want to talk too much trash, but I think these guys might know more than four chords. They got so epic at times I wonder if they might know seven or eight! Now that they’re on my radar I’ll keep an eye on them. Maybe in a few years, I’ll feel differently.


OFF! and The Damned were the elder statesmen of the evening, bringing us greetings from the 70s. I knew the name OFF! but had to Google them to find out they’re a supergroup with Keith Morris from Black Flag and the Circle Jerks on vocals. The YouTube search of these guys made me an immediate fan as they’re quite skilled at making great videos. I wasn’t sure if that would translate well to the stage but now I can tell you: it does. I had to add an album to my Amazon wishlist and I’m in love with the guitar Dimitri Coats played.

The Damned made up about 76.83% of the reason I bought a ticket for this festival. I’ve been a huge fan for a couple of years and was heartbroken to have missed a Cleveland show a few years ago when a friend had a medical emergency. I’m sort of surprised I got another chance to see one of the first English punk bands so soon. I was prepared to not know a lot of songs, but they’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of Machine Gun Etiquette and played most of the album. Seeing them is a huge check mark off my bucket list. They were definitely the highlight of my day trip.

The only issue I had was the constant circle pit. Can’t we just slam dance for “Smash It Up” guys? Do we really have to do laps and go round and round?

Mike Muir could be a great motivational speaker. Get that man a Pepsi!

After a $3 water and some Advil, I hung back for Suicidal Tendencies. Not only was I starting to feel my age, but I was kinda scared to get too close. Those guys have made a career out of being cyco and I didn’t want to end up institutionalized. The most disturbing part was Mike Muir giving these motivational “don’t let the man get you down” speeches between songs. I would have preferred to hear them play more songs, but if the whole rock and roll thing doesn’t work out he could make a good living on the circuit with Tony Robbins.

I saw Pennywise at the Summer Nationals Tour in 2014 with the Offspring so I knew what I was getting with them. They’re a simple four-chord skate punk band that’s hard not to love. I don’t know that any song sums up my punk ethos more than “Fuck Authority.”

One of the highlights of the day was the kid skanking on the side of the stage through their whole set. He’s going places!

I’m not a fan of Rancid, which was great as it gave me a chance to sneak out early and avoid the traffic jam. I meant to take off after “Roots Radical” which is one of the few songs of theirs I enjoy, but they played that second so I hung out longer. I made it through about half their set and while I’m not going to be buying any albums I may give them another listen.

Today’s the last day. The lineup is a little lighter and there aren’t as many bands I’m excited for but that just gives most of them a chance to exceed my expectations!

Check out Day 1 if you missed it yesterday

Camp Anarchy (Day 1)

Camp Anarchy, 31 May 2019

Legend Valley; Thornville, OH

La Armada, Death By Stereo, Strung Out, Sick of it All, Fear, X, The Offspring

I can officially say I’ve survived the first day of this three-day punk extravaganza. It’s one helluva accomplishment because things definitely got crazy.

But Friday is the short day. There were fewer bands and a later start time. Due to traffic, hotel check-in and bad mapquest directions I got there late and completely missed the first two bands. I wasn’t extremely broken-hearted as I’d checked them out on YouTube earlier in the week and wasn’t extremely impressed. But it’s still nice to see bands live and maybe something will grab you.

Strung Out was the first band I was able to watch and they had a great set. They do some pretty basic punk-pop but mix in the occasional breakdown or arpeggiated bridge. Not that I have any issue with basic punk-pop, but it was pretty cool to hear a band add a few other ingredients to the old formula.

Sick of it All

Sick of it All is a band that pops up in my life every decade or so. I had Built to Last in high school and I remember hearing a lot of Death to Tyrants when it came out, but I’ve never been a huge fan. I was psyching myself up to get in the pit for “Take The Night Off” but didn’t prepare for it to be their opener! And I didn’t expect the pit to come to me! Come on guys, give me some warning. I’d gotten a great spot for their set, but I didn’t hold onto it for long. The best thing about a mosh pit is it makes it easy to catch the band from many different vantage points (albeit with a large sweaty man running full bore at you).

Both Fear and X were the elder-statesmen of the evening. It’s great to be able to cross both those groups off my bucket list, but I wasn’t going crazy for them. Fear is a great band with hooks to spare in their tunes and that irreverent humor that makes the punk great. I wish they would loan a few of those hooks to X, who are a great rockabilly band,


but I’ve always found them difficult to get into. They were definitely a little out-of-place, but they were probably out of place when they started in 1977. I think they would be out of place anywhere this side of JFK’s election (not that that’s a bad thing. It puts them in great company with Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams and Others.)

The Offspring was fucking crazy. I saw them a few years ago at the Summer Nationals Tour in Pittsburgh, but at that show, I was on the lawn and far away from the thriving biomass in front of the stage. I spent the first few songs learning what a sardine feels like at the canning factory before I hopped in the pit for a little fresh air. That had to be one of the craziest pits I’ve ever been in. I’m always surprised at how intense people mosh for punk bands, I thought I could handle anything after Slipknot and Slayer, but the Offspring and Primus have been way more intense. Then again, I am getting a little old.

The highlight of the evening was Dexter Holland’s solo version of “Gone Away” on piano. I was disappointed when they didn’t do that tune the last time I saw them but this performance more than made up for it.


It’ll be hard to top the performances from yesterday, but I have faith in the bands scheduled today. If I’d had to pick one day of the weekend to attend, it would be today. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to eat some White Castle and pop some Ibuprofen.


How to Freak Out Your Mechanic

I don’t work on cars, but I do work on machines. Something anyone who works on mechanical things hears a lot is “It’s making a funny sound.”

That doesn’t tell me much, so I tend to ask a few follow-up questions.

“Well, can you be more specific? Is it a THUNK or a SSSKKKKKRREEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee?”

“Does it sound like Lynyrd Skynyrd or Flipper? Is it more The Prodigy or Chemical Brothers? Oh… it sounds like Todd Rundgren? That’s nothing to worry about.”


If you really want to freak a mechanic/maintenance person out, just tell us it’s making a strange sound… and it’s just like Nickelback!

Oh Shit! Hit the E-Stop! It’s about to blow!

A Hippy Band?

I went out with this girl last summer. I say ‘went out,’ but it was more like a friendly hang-out than a date. Unfortunately, it didn’t lead to anything. This could be because of any number of reasons, but somehow I got it stuck in my mind was that she’s a bit of a hippy.

Now, I’m not trying to hate on hippies, and that isn’t an automatic deal breaker for me. I’m sure some hippies are very fine people. I agree with hippies in some areas (environmentalism, nuclear disarmament, war is bad), but there are far more things I disagree with (tye-dye, non-violence, the Grateful Dead). I was a bit interested to discover how much of a hippie she was, but never really got the chance.

Anyway, the thing that really stuck out was what made me ask: “You’re a bit of a hippy aren’t you?”

She said she was a fan of Sublime.

It wasn’t until later that evening when I popped in a Sublime Greatest Hits disc that I realized how silly it is to classify Sublime as a “hippy band.” Sure, they had a lot of laid back, peaceful songs (“What I Got,” “Doin’ Time” and “Caress Me Down”), and they played that most-reggae influenced of all genres: Ska.

But there were also a lot of songs about definitely non-hippy things like participating in riots ( “April 29, 1992”), “Date Rape,” and child prostitution (“Wrong Way”). While I know many stoners love the anthem “Smoke Two Joints” I wonder if they realize Sublime covered SoCal hardcore bands Bad Religion and the Descendents on that same album.

So what do you guys think? Is Sublime a hippy band? After thinking about it I’m convinced they’re more of a crossover band designed to infiltrate the heads of well-meaning punks and get us to cross over to the dark, flowery-powery side.


Workout Music Vol. 1

Are there any gym rats reading this blog? I know it’s about music, but I find music is a big part of the gym experience. The songs pulsing in the earbuds can make or break a great workout. You’re not going to get the same amount of reps or achieve a personal record if you’re not jamming to the right tunes.

I assume most people go for heavy music. Metallica. Slayer. Black Sabbath.

Not me. Aside from moving toward punk and away from metal over the past few years I’ve noticed that the type of music that gets me jacked up to build muscle and burn calories is:


That’s right. If you see me in the gym, and the sweat is pouring and I’m getting swole… I’m probably listening to Adele or Katy Perry’s MTV Unplugged or something extremely wimpy with soaring female vocals.

What about you? What gets you pumped?

Happy Birthday Joe Strummer!

I sure hope Joe Strummer sees this and gives me a shout out! That would do wonders for my blog stats!

Wait… what? Oh…

I really need to do a better job of keeping up with celebrity news.

Trump Returns from Putin Meeting with Black Eye

Washington D.C. – President Trump returned from Helsinki on Tuesday, after spending several romantic days with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. When asked about the shiner on his left eye he insisted he walked into an open door.

The truth was revealed later at a press conference.

“Putin is just under a lot of stress,” said the battered president. “He told me he’ll never do it again and I believe him. You don’t know the pressure he’s under. He has to run not just one country, but two. Do you really think I could do this without him?”

He then returned to the abused woman logic of insisting it was all his fault.

“Look, he started the meeting by saying I couldn’t ask him about Crimea and I did. It’s really all my fault for bringing up that subject as well as asking how we’re going to deal with this whole election meddling thing.”

While I’m sure to those reading this who are not in the US, UK or Ukraine this satirical article is very humorous, I can assure you to many of us in the US it is quite embarrassing.