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Heavy Metal 2000 CD coverI’ve seen a few posts where people list the music they’ve bought and give a little commentary on it. I find these posts pretty interesting so I thought I’d try my hand at one. Plus I was curious as to how much money I spend on music. I was hoping to make it a year before I posted this, but after six months the list it already pretty long. So here we go!

21 Nov 2014 (
The Beatles – The White Album       $11.31
Soundtrack – Heavy Metal 2000       $4.61
Soundtrack – The Cable Guy            $4

Somewhere along the way I lost my copies of the White Album and the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack and it was time I replaced them. I thought I’d pick up the Cable Guy while I was at it.

hot-rocks22 Nov 2014 (FYE New Town Mall New Philadelphia, OH)
The Rolling Stones – Hot Rocks 1964-1971   $19.99
Nine Inch Nails- Pretty Hate Machine            $7.99
Ray Charles – Anthology                                Free

It seems weird that I went 31 years without owning any Rolling Stones music. And it seems even worse that it took a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE ON USED CDs sale to get me to buy it. I still might not have any Rolling Stones music if it weren’t for the fact that FYE doesn’t have much of a selection (unless you really love Linkin Park). The copy of Pretty Hate Machine is a remastered version with the cover of Queen’s “Get Down Make Love” added. This is the second or third time I’ve bought that Ray Charles disc. My mom keeps stealing it.

2 Jan 2015 (The Exchange Canton, OH)Independent Worm Saloon
Wednesday 13 – Spook & Destroy                     $6
Butthole Surfers- Independent Worm Saloon     $5
Elton John – Honky Chateau                               $7
Blind Melon                                                         $1

I know I’ve said of Wednesday 13 that one of the things I love about his music is that I can sing along without ever having heard it before, but I’ve been wanting a disc for a while. “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” is one of my favorite Elton John songs but wasn’t in my collection until I got it here. And how could I pass up the Butthole Surfers and Blind Melon discs for those prices?

17 Jan 2015 (FYE)
Filter – Title of Record                                       $1.50
Ray Charles – Live at Montreux (DVD)             $3

They were having some kind of deal. I gave the DVD to my mom so hopefully she wont steal the CD again.

Eyes Set To Kill - Masks23 Jan 2015 (The Agora Cleveland, OH)
Eyes Set to Kill – Masks                                     $10

Picked this one up the last time I saw Wednesday 13.




21 Feb 2015 ( MP3)
Killler Be Killed                                                $7.99
Kittie- I’ve Failed You                                      $6.99
The Very Best of Kiss                                     $5.99
The Last Internationale – We Will Reign         $7.99

Kiss is another band I didn’t have anything by. I usually try to buy 3 or so albums at a time from Amazon.

alice-in-chains-dirt-album-cover25 April 2015 (FYE)
Wednesday 13 – Transylvania 90210                               $7.99
Alice in Chains – Dirt                                                         $2.99
Murderdolls – Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls        $4.99
Screaming Trees – Sweet Oblivion                                  $1.99

This was a BUY 1 GET 1 HALF OFF Sale. I actually sold the Spook & Destroy disc after buying Transylvania 90210. I needed a replacement Dirt because mine was scratched to hell. I gave it to the Goodwill for someone else to enjoy, but they’ll only be able to enjoy about half of it. I had Sweet Oblivion on my Amazon wishlist, but I really made out here because I managed to get it much cheaper.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall2 May 2015
Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction                                 $6
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (BluRay)                                   $5

I love the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but that may just be because I find frontal male nudity hilarious.

13 May 2015 (FYE)
Faith No More 3 Disc Set (Epic & Other Hits, The Real Thing and Angel Dust)     $7.49
Alice in Chains – Unplugged (CD+DVD)                                                                  $23.99

I actually passed up this FNM collection a week earlier, but then I heard Sol Invictus online and decided it was definitely worth the money. I’ve had my eye on this Unplugged CD + DVD and I finally gave up on the price going down.

Faith_No_More_-_Sol_Invictus_Album_Cover20 May 2015 ( MP3)
Faith No More – Sol Invictus                                       $7.99
Elton John – Madman Across the Water                    $5.99

I ripped my copy of Madman from my mom’s old scratched to hell CD and the disc was so messed up that I could still hear skips listening to it in MP3 form. I’ve never had this happen before. So I got a replacement because I hate buying just one album from Amazon and I had to get Sol Invictus. 

So those are my new additions. How do you think I made out?


Filter “Short Bus”

short-busPlatinum Anniversary Album Series

8 May 1995 (Reprise)

Though I’ve had Filter’s debut in my collection for close to it’s entire 20 year existence, I just realized the other day that I’ve probably only listened to it a half dozen times.

Then I put it on and realized why. It’s one of those albums with a few killer tunes, but when you let it play through most of the tracks blend into each other. I’m not saying it’s a bad album, but it could use a little more variety.

Unless you were deaf for the second half of the nineties you’ve heard the opener “Hey Man, Nice Shot.” It was featured in the movies The Cable Guy, Tales From The Crypt’s Demon Knight and even made it onto an episode of the X Files. I’m not sure if Congress passed a law to give Filter more exposure or if it’s just that the song rocks so hard. It is without a doubt the best track on the album. Going from that slow, quiet bass driven verse into the screaming-myself-hoarse chorus is a huge kick in the pants that makes me want to slam dance just thinking about it.


I also really like “Dose,” but I think it’s mostly just for the line “I hate it when you preach your case, it makes me want to stick my dick in your face.” One of the highlights of the album is those sort of juvenile lyrics about genitalia and hooks featuring the word ‘asshole.’ “Gerbil” is a solid track and “Stuck in Here” breaks things up by being an acoustic track, but overall it sounds like a full version of Nine Inch Nails’ Broken with more emphasis on guitars. I was thinking that I really liked the album closer “So Cool,” but I actually had that confused with “The Missing” from The Amalgamut.

Honestly, I feel bad giving Short Bus such a bad review. I really like Filter and I always have, but they definitely didn’t have it all together right out of the gate. I haven’t listened to their most recent releases, but Title of Record and The Amalgamut were much better albums. If you’re looking to get into this band, I’d start there.

Filter circa Short BusAnd you have to give Richard Patrick some props for going out on his own and emerging not only from Trent Reznor’s gargantuan shadow, but also achieving success away from his brother, T-1000 Robert Patrick. I can’t think of a lot of sidemen who have left successful bands to have successful careers. Dave Grohl and the Eagles are the only exceptions. Even Patrick’s band mates in Army of Anyone (STP’s DeLeo brothers) have never managed to have any sort of success very far away from Scott Weiland.



For more Platinum Anniversary Albums:

Mad Season – Above

Weezer – The Blue Album

Soundgarden – Superunknown

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “The Crow”

The Summer Nationals Tour 2014 

Marilyn Manson- Portrait of an American Family

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “The Cable Guy”

The Cable Guy soundtrack(The Work Group, 26 May 1996)

After 2 years on my Amazon wish list I caved and bought the Cable Guy soundtrack. I have to say I’m blown away. Not by how great it is but by how… mediocre it is. It’s like they found all the bands that weren’t good enough to be featured on the soundtracks to Singles, Reality Bites, Trainspotting or Empire Records and then even weeded out the bands that were good enough to appear on Dumb and Dumber, Batman Forever, Clueless and Party of Five to find the blandest bands of the moment.

I wanted to listen to the album again before I did this review… but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

The best thing is that is only cost me a penny. Sure, I had to pay $3.99 for the shipping and handling, but 4 bucks is a good deal on getting the first Jerry Cantrell solo song.

I’m surprised I don’t remember hearing “Leave Me Alone” when it came out. I suppose that was a few years before I really got into Alice in Chains and two years before Cantrell’s first solo album. I love hearing it in hindsight. It’s a nice bridge between Alice in Chains and Boggy Depot. The main guitar riff is a simple chugger that reminds me of “Check My Brain” and Cantrell tries singing harmonies with himself, but it just doesn’t work well without Layne Staley. It’s not a bad song, but I don’t think it’s a highlight of Cantrell’s career. It doesn’t really fit with the Alice stuff and it wasn’t until ’98 that he was really sounding confident as a solo artist.


Aside from “Leave Me Alone” there are very few highlights. Filter is here with “Hey Man, Nice Shot,” but I already have that song on the Demon Knight soundtrack and Short Bus. It doesn’t really fit on this album as it’s the far and away the heaviest tune.

Jim Carrey’s karaoke jam version of “Somebody to Love” is included. It’s a nice, funny track – but only for about 90 seconds. After that it’s somewhat annoying.

I remember Primitive Radio Gods’ “Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand” because it was a pretty big hit. And I think I like it more when I don’t have to watch the video with the guy standing outside a broken phone booth with money in his hand. It was an awful video. Watching that video was even worse than reading this paragraph.

Both Toadies and Cracker are present, but neither of them play “Possum Kingdom” or “Low.” And even though I’ve heard more songs from both bands, those are the only ones know by them. Porno For Pyro’s (Jane’s Addiction Lite) do a cover of Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love” and somehow manage to be more boring than Lou Reed.

Larry the Cable Guy was not involved in the film or the soundtrack.

Larry the Cable Guy was not involved in the film or the soundtrack.

There’s a song by a band called $10,000 Gold Chain, which is apparently a Mike McCready side project, but it’s a Velvet Underground cover song. This was a wise choice as Mike McCready’s name appears nowhere on the packaging.

Silverchair, Cypress Hill and a few other bands that I’ve never heard of round out the hour. I think I like John Ottman’s score “This Concludes Our Broadcast Day” better than most of the rock on here.

I’ll listen to this album again someday… just not today.