Children Behave


Do you want to hear about an earworm I’m really fond of? Tommy James and the Shondells’ “I Think We’re Alone Now.” I’m pretty sure the main reason I’m aware of it is that it’s been featured in film and television a few times recently, but I’m glad it has. It might be a song of questionable subject matter, as I’m pretty sure it’s about underage people exploring their sexuality or some other type of Flowers in the Attic-ness, but boy does it have a good beat. 

It even managed to make John Goodman shaking his ass stomachable in the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane.


And it’s such a great song that I even enjoy the mall-rock Tiffany cover version I just watched in The Umbrella Academy. Of course, that’s not really fair because you could put Ellen Page in a steaming dog turd and I’d probably love it.


So what do you think of this song? Do you love it? Or are you going to be cursing me for the next several days as it plays on repeat in your head?


7 thoughts on “Children Behave

    • I’m not a fan of either of them. I think it’s mostly the schoolboy crush I have on Ellen Page that makes me want to watch her in everything. I feel bad for anyone sitting behind me in a theater because they wouldn’t be able to see her on the screen through all the heart bubbles coming out of my head.

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    • There might be a few you’ve heard that you didn’t know were him. That happens to me all the time. It was a shock to me that I know twice as many Dire Straits songs than I thought.

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  1. Speaking of Tommy James, I managed to reference another song of his, “Draggin’ the Line” in one of my own recent posts that was pretty much all about how many times I screwed up my knitting in my latest project. And since that song was pretty much the inspiration for the Chili’s Babyback Ribs jingle, the bassline has been an earworm of mine for the last couple of weeks. Curse you, Pandora, for introducing that song to me! I didn’t even realize that R.E.M. had done a cover of it for “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” until I heard the chorus in a scene I’d seen numerous times over the years (“Ever notice how England looks in no way like Southern California?”), and then I said to myself, “That’s ‘Draggin’ the Line’…I never noticed that!”, which made me look up who sang it in the movie.

    As for “I Think We’re Alone Now”, I watch way too much MTV Classic when I’m bored, so I’m very familiar with the Tiffany version. And that version *only* could’ve been a hit in the ‘80s.

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