Has Anyone Else Heard This?

The other day I was listening to some new releases on Spotify and I came across a version of Pink Floyd’s “Nobody Home,” by Mark Lanegan.

Now, I’m not the biggest Lanegan fan in creation. I have a copy of Sweet Oblivion that gets a fair amount of play and Songs for the Deaf that I love, but other than that I’ve never gotten too into his stuff. I’ve checked some out but it never really grabbed me.

Then I heard this. “Nobody Home” has always been one of my favorite songs from The Wall and something about his voice really does the song justice. There are moments I long for Roger Waters’ phrasing, but Lanegan really does something special.

So I checked out what album it’s from and found a Bandcamp site for Redux Records. I I’m tempted to plop down some money to check this compilation out. It seems like a great idea, but I’m not familiar with any of the artists save Lanegan and the Melvins. Not to mention that half of the free previews are not of the same quality as “Nobody Home.”

So how about it? Has anyone bought or listened to this? Are you familiar with these artists? How about the label?

Any info would be appreciated. At the moment I’m tempted to plop down my buck for a digital copy of “Nobody Home” and go on about my life, but I’m really curious about what other gems might be on here.


I also came upon another review of the album last night. It’s a good thing I didn’t post this as soon as planned.


3 thoughts on “Has Anyone Else Heard This?

  1. I’d been tempted to check out this for the Melvins, Lanegan and Pallbearer tracks, but then I remember that I’m not a fan of The Wall. I hadn’t so much as checked out the Lanegan track… I can’t comment on what I think of it compared to the original (cause I’ll be in favour of Lanegan’s), but maybe Lanegan should have done the whole thing with The Melvins. Then I’d be inclined to listen to all 400 songs.

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