A Bad Career Move?

Did you hear Stone Temple Pilots have a new singer? That seems like a pretty dangerous position to me. Kinda like being a fisherman in the Gulf of Alaska, fronting a band with Pat Smear on guitar or serving in the Trump administration. I gotta hand it to Jeff Gutt, it takes some balls to step into a position held by two people who have died recently.

All joking aside though, I do think the new track sounds great and wish STP the best of luck. They definitely deserve it as they’ve been through a lot and weathered more than their fair share of bad luck.


27 thoughts on “A Bad Career Move?

  1. Mnah. Not doing anything for me. They’re essentially just a tribute band now… which is a shame. But, they’re obviously not gonna shift records under another name (though I’m sure they could have worked on some material with Joss Stone and made something of that, eh?)

    Good luck to them, though.

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          • I agree, man… but essentially there’s more work involved in that. Plus, Prophets Of Rage is also the name of a Public Enemy track, so it tapped right into the history of both RATM and Chuck.

            Marketing then and now is very different. But, STP fans didn’t buy STP without Weiland. Same as Alice in Chains didn’t buy Cantrell solo albums. The focal point was the frontmen. Which is why, like Alice in Chains, they’ve continued as STP (remember Weiland was very against it when he was alive, hence why the EP was credited as STP with Chester…). But aye, I’m a cynic. I’m biased. I felt Weiland was integral to the fabric of STP. Just like you couldn’t remove either of the brothers… but more than my feelings about Weiland, I fucking love that band and it’s been tough watching them all just piss all over it. The fighting, the dragging out a X-Factor Like audition thing, the classy announcement of a tour on the anniversary of Weiland’s passing, the generic rock of this thing, the generic alt. rock vocalist and his ‘oh, I found a megaphone back in May’ tweet on Weiland’s anniversary… the guys deserve more. They deserve making something and making it on their own terms. Not with the best vocalist they could get via a fucking karaoke submission, but cause they got the best guy out there who wanted to build something new. They deserve that. And the STP fans, if they are fans of the music and what they’re creating, would say “hey, this is fucking ace”. At the moment they’re relying on a brand. And a brand that’s already been tarnished. My band for 20 odd years. And that is why I’m cynical.

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  2. I actually just did a review of this song yesterday. I think it is a great start and I hope the rest of the album holds up. You are correct in that it takes a lot of confidence to step into a band that had such an iconic lead singer. I am sure it will take time to get comfortable in his role, but I wish him the best.

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  3. I actually remember watching Jeff compete on the American version of The X Factor back in 2013. I was pulling so hard for him to win that year, only to see him finish second to a couple who (despite being from the same part of Florida that I am) were frankly boring as all hell. Four years later, that couple (Alex & Sierra) are no longer together romantically or professionally, and Jeff Gutt becomes the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots. He is definitely winning in life right now, and I hope his tenure with the band goes well. It is definitely the best thing to happen in his career thus far.

    Vocally, I think you can definitely hear the Scott Weiland influence. It’ll take some time, but I think Jeff will be able to find his own groove. 👨🏻‍🎤 (Anybody think the singer emoji is a bit of a tribute to Ziggy Stardust?)

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      • In his case, it actually was. The only successful act to come out of that version of the show was Fifth Harmony, and that was because they developed a huge post-show fan base. In Jeff’s case, being on there probably got him exposure, but he worked his tail off with a couple of other bands after the show before he got the STP gig.

        Not just including singing/casting show contestants, but in general, rock radio and publicity in the rock genre has not treated solo artists kindly, especially since the turn of the millennium (the exceptions being if you’re a legend like Bowie, Springsteen, or Paul McCartney). Since the Billboard Rock Songs chart was introduced in 2009, only 7 of its 46 #1 songs have been by solo lead artists. Just two Mainstream Rock #1s in this decade so far have been by solo lead artists, and they are both pretty legendary: Ozzy Osbourne and Slash. The decade before, only four solo lead artists reached #1 on that same chart, and two of them did it as a duet (Aaron Lewis and Fred Durst, “Outside”). The only one in that decade to top the chart by himself? Ozzy Osbourne.

        Point being, if you want to make it in rock music, you gotta have a band.

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