Parents Say The Darndest Things

One of the many, many horrible things about Facebook it that it gives your parents the ability to embarrass you in front of the whole world. I’m often reminded of that feeling when my mom would holler out “I love you” while dropping me off at school for all my friends to hear, only now she does it on the worldwide web.

Every now and again we’ll have an interesting conversation.

Here’s a snip of one where we’re discussing Tragedy: All Metal Tribute To The BeeGees & Beyond.




5 thoughts on “Parents Say The Darndest Things

  1. I dunno, I always liked when my folks shouted I love you! at school. I do it for my own kids, they don’t seem to mind. We’re only around for so long and there ain’t nothing wrong with saying how you feel!

    That said, I don’t have a Facebook thing, and never will (for many reasons). But I do understand that it’s how a lot of people stay in touch. Good on ’em!

    Also: that is the single greatest video I’ve seen in ages. I dug the Nirvana nod in the school gym.

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