Has Anyone Else Noticed…

…A shift in the modern rock radio format?

It seems like when I tune in lately I hear a lot more of Everlast’s “What It’s Like”, Beck’s “Loser” and Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.” I also hear a lot less Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin and other middle-of-the-road modern rock.

I’m not complaining. This is a huge improvement. I actually didn’t listen to much rock radio for a few years. I couldn’t get reception in my car and the morning show sucked, so I switched to a local mix station.

Plus there was that time I almost overdosed on “Kashmir.”


12 thoughts on “Has Anyone Else Noticed…

  1. I just wish ALL radio stations – regardless of genre – would add some variety to their playlists, instead of rehashing the same 120 songs over and over. Doesn’t matter whether it’s Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Easy Rock, R&B/Soul, or whatever, they each rotate such limited playlists that I’ve just given up on listening to any radio, period.

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    • One of the worst things in society at the moment is companies completely pandering to audiences and only giving them what they think they want.
      Challenge us a little! Play something new.

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  2. Here in Canada there is a commission called the CRTC that crams Canadian content down our throats. Not only that, but most radio stations are run by a monopoly of a few big players that stifle most good music. We get the pleasure of listening to Trooper, Loverboy and Bryan Adams 3 times a day. Every day.
    Our local station program director is awesome though, and even though he has to comply to stay employed, he fights to get good music added in. I have listened to this station since it began in 2003, and they have gotten better every year. He adds in metal, punk, alternative etc. to the mix and plays some stuff we haven’t heard in years. I still like listening to the radio, and I enjoy the radio folk. Many times a day I find myself laughing and the radio people and callers often make the work day go by quicker.
    I will admit to enjoying satellite radio when I am in a car that has the system, but I have better things to spend my money on than radio. If I want to buy music, I’ll buy the album. Radio has served me well over the years, and I don’t think I’ll ever give it up.

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    • In talking with local dj’s and program directors, the issue is with corporate higher ups.
      “Experts” feel familiarity is the key, and as for new music it has to be high up on the Canadian or US top 40 before it gets played.
      So catch 22. New music rarely has a chance today..
      The days of rebel dj’s playing new stuff a listener introdued them to are gone.

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