RIP Chris Cornell

Wow. Just… wow.

You know, when I was younger I wanted to grow up and be Chris Cornell. I was extremely disappointed to discover the job had already been taken.

Now that it’s open again I doubt I could fill his shoes.

I’ve gone on record as saying I wasn’t a huge fan of King Animal, but I was looking forward to its followup. I’m disappointed that I’ll probably never hear that now.

Hope you enjoy my hastily thrown together playlist.



Soundgarden Superunknown

Soundgarden Down on the Upside

The Where’s My Shirt Tour


Rock on the Range 2013


10 thoughts on “RIP Chris Cornell

    • I still have a few albums to get of their early stuff. I had the FOPP EP for a while, but it was horrible. I’m keeping an eye out for a reasonably priced Ultramega OK or Louder Than Love.

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    • And many more not on it. I don’t think any list could include all the greatness.
      I heard ‘Say Hello 2 Heaven’ on the radio and just thought, ‘Damn.’ He had such an awesome, unique voice.

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    • Yeah, I have that on a Cooper Hits album. I didn’t even think of that one while compiling this list.
      I don’t know that I’d say it’s his best, but it’s really damn good.

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