Letter to my Representatives

This isn’t the first letter I’ve sent to my congressman over the past few months. I made the decision to share it on here as a way of sharing my view with a larger audience and  (hopefully) make me harder to ignore.

Dear Congressman Gibbs, Speaker Ryan and President Trump, 


I started this letter last week, but like the bill it is written to protest it was shelved. I haven’t been extremely interested in the Obamacare repeal. I’m not not in danger of losing coverage. I have health insurance through my employer, and I haven’t seen my rates skyrocket.


But my girlfriend is a different matter. She only recently managed to get health insurance through the Medicaid expansion. It’s a lucky thing she did because two weeks ago she she suffered a seizure at work, fell and hit her head. Whereas others would suffer a bruise or concussion from this type of accident, she managed to do heavy damage to her brain. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s had several head injuries in the past, because she suffers from gastroparesis or if she was just unlucky; but she did enough damage to her skull that she’s spent the interim in a bed at Akron General Hospital Intensive Care Unit.


She is someone who works hard to make her way in the world, but due to these medical problems the bills have piled up. A few months ago she told me she was considering bankruptcy. Now that she’s in the hospital it has fallen on me to look after her financial matters. I think we’ll be able to catch up with what she already owes, but I’m concerned about the bill we will be receiving for her current treatment.


As I said at the beginning, I was hesitant to write this letter. I don’t want to make a political issue of this hardship. It was a relief to learn repeal had stalled because I was confident that, while this is certainly a difficult situation and will take a lot of work to overcome, we would be OK. Now that there’s a law being considered to take away her insurance I’m not so sure. Who will be paying for this hospital stay when that happens? Will they kick her out? Should I start calling bankruptcy lawyers?


These are all questions that weigh heavily on my mind. I don’t want to become someone who goes broke due to an illness, but it looks like that’s exactly what will happen.


I urge you to vote against this bill. All you will accomplish is to make a situation that’s already hard even more difficult.
Perhaps we should take a page from the Trump handbook. Maybe we’ll send the bill to the President, Speaker of the House and you. But, just like that big, beautiful wall I’m sure we’ll end up footing the bill and we’ll probably have to file for bankruptcy.


21 thoughts on “Letter to my Representatives

  1. I sure hope your girlfriend gets better real soon. I know all about Gastroparesis, as I have that, too. I also have Dysautonomia which causes me to faint at times. Luckily, I’ve never bashed my head too hard or done any serious damage. I’ve learned to get myself to the ground the minute I feel like passing out, but sometimes there is no warning. I’ll keep your girlfriend and you in my thoughts and prayers. Sending strong healing vibes her way. Take care. XX

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  2. Sorry to read this, Zack – but thanks for sharing. Seeing the consequences of this bill is grim… utterly horrendous state of affairs.

    Sending good vibes to you and your girlfriend.

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  3. I’m sorry to read this Zack (and to hear about today’s vote in the House, I hope the Senate does not make the same mistake) – thinking of you & your girlfriend, thank you for writing & sharing this

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    • I find myself in the position of having a story to share. That’s the contribution I can make at the moment.
      I hope someday we can look back at this and have trouble remembering how difficult this period was, but I think this is going to be the defining moment of my generation.

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    • Dude, the guy who hosted The Apprentice and bragged about grabbing women’s crotches is president. At this point I believe just about anything.

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      • I feel for you and your girlfriend Zack. I have insurance through the Affordable Care Act, and while my premiums jumped 50% this year, they’re still lower than what I paid on my own 10 years ago as a self-employed person. The GOP are morally bankrupt and heartless, and for the life of me, I cannot understand why so many Americans support them and that horrible man occupying the White House. It makes me sick!

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    • Thanks. I actually read your recent posts about that in the emergency room the day it happened. I’m not sure if she has the same troubles, but it’s nice to hear from others who have dealt with these issues and are doing well.


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