The Downside of Welding

For as awful as 2016 was, 2017 is starting off really great. I haven’t been posting as regularly or started my novel, but that’s because I started writing part-time for a local weekly magazine.

And my day job has gotten better as well. I’ve moved up from ‘unskilled labor’ to ‘maintenance apprentice.’ I’m extremely excited about this move. I’ve always wanted to learn a useful skill and now I finally have the chance. It sucks having to work second shift, but it’s a great opportunity and they’re paying for me to go to school.

The only problem with learning to weld?

Every time I spark a stick I get this song stuck in my head.



12 thoughts on “The Downside of Welding

    • I’ve actually never seen the movie, but I know it’s about a welding woman who dreams of being a dancer. I swear I didn’t learn all of that from the video…


    • If I didn’t have a daughter I’d be up there in a heartbeat! I’m hoping to make it to Niagara Falls sometime soon.
      I love writing and all, but it’s definitely nice to be learning a skill I’ll always be able to fall back on.

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      • If you do make it up to the Falls, be sure to let us Canucks know. That’s just a road trip away.

        I guarantee you will earn more money welding! I have to admit, as a guy watching on the sidelines, I find it fascinating. I work in the steel industry as you know, and our plant really expanded its welding capabilities. We have one line that does three operations (roll, weld/straighten, and cut) on one line. That used to be a three operation job. Really cool to watch.

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