Icky Trump

Has anyone noticed that Jack White seems to have prophesied Donald Trump’s presidential campaign way back in 2007? Or did Trump just get his ideas for the Great Wall of Mexico from this video?

What else did we miss in White Stripes’ songs? Who’s “The Union Forever” going to be about?



(For those of you fortunate enough to not know this, Donald Trump is a real estate mogul/business tycoon/reality TV star/billionaire/horrible human being who is currently running for the office of President of the United States of America. His principal policy is to build a giant wall between the US and Mexico to keep out all of the illegal immigrants. Much like Nickelback he enjoys an enormous amount of popularity and support, but no one will admit to liking him.

I assure you I will be voting against him, but to all international readers who cannot, prayers would be appreciated.)


25 thoughts on “Icky Trump

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  2. Just saw ‘The Big Short’ yesterday – spectacular, hilarious, and depressing. There was a line in it that sounds like the blueprint for the Trump campaign, instead of doing something about the fraud/greed that caused the US economy to collapse, blame it on immigrants and poor people.

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    • I haven’t seen that, but it sounds exactly like Trump. It would be a great plot for a movie if it wasn’t really happening.
      Someday I’ll watch a Trump biopic and it will be a horror.

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  3. I wonder if he will build a wall between the USA and Canada to keep all of the citizens from feeing to Canada if he gets voted in. Soon I might need a really big ladder the next time I want to cross the border.

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        • Yeah, the guy’s not very good at dealing with criticism. He’s already curbing press access to his events and he boycotted one of the debates because he didn’t like the moderators.


            • That’s what I thought, but apparently they are.
              The argument I hear is “anti illegal immigrant and anti radical Muslim isn’t racist,” which is true of course. But I’m not sure how you can tell legal from illegal immigrants or peaceful Muslims from radical Muslims.


              • Exactly it’s not the general political sentiment that people find offensive. It’s the specific things he says. Two examples – “drug dealers and rapists” and “we need to shut down the Muslims coming in.” Those two things are not OK.

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                • Aren’t you guys resettling a lot of the Syrian refugees? Hows that going for you? I see stuff online but I rarely get a chance to ask someone who may have firsthand knowledge of the situation.


                  • Yes actually my wife just met a family yesterday on the bus. We have 25,000 incoming or here. We have not had any issues here so far despite a lot of fear. I understand Germany and Sweden have had issues with large groups of men assaulting women. We have not seen this. From what we have seen, they seem to be admitting a lot of families with children.

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                    • So people are a little uneasy about it? I think that’s understandable.
                      A little apprehension is perfect normal, barring billions of people from entering a country because of their religion seems insane.

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                    • Oh yeah people are uneasy. Heck I’m uneasy! It’s naive to think ISIS will not use this tragedy to their advantage. It’s also naive to assume every country will be able to screen out all the bad people. But it’s a humanitarian crisis and people are split. A lot of “not our problem” vs. “Canada is the kind of country that helps.” A lot of “not worth the risk” vs. “we have to try to help”. And each side points to headlines around the world to make their points. It’s hard, man. I’ve defriended several people on Facebook because I couldn’t handle their rants about this anymore.

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                    • Yeah, Facebook is getting to be a bad place to hang around anymore. I really can’t wait until the election when I can stop hearing about Trump. Only 8 months to go!


                    • You mean we HOPE we can hear the last of Trump.

                      Ultimately I think that more rhetoric, anger and division are not the way to go in 2016/2017.

                      Incidentally Canada has our own Donald Trump Jr. His name is Kevin O’Leary and you probably know him from Shark Tank. He’s always been a bit of an ass and now he’s saying he will run for Prime Minister and win. He’s also known for saying stupid untrue things like his buddy Trump. He’s basically just copying what Trump does and bringing it North.

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                    • I haven’t watched Shark Tank. I don’t have cable, just Netflix so I watch a lot of Star Trek and nature/science documentaries.
                      It would be crazy to see a Canadian Trump. I can’t imagine Canadians beating each other up at political rallies.
                      Well, maybe if they hold them at hockey arenas.

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                    • Hey Mike,
                      Due to certain things occurring in the news recently I wrote a post on this subject yesterday. I wasn’t sure if you’d want me to mention you by name or not (right now it just says ‘My Canadian reader’) so I thought I should ask if you’d mind. Just let me know.

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  4. “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”


    Ah well, I know the song, it doesn’t matter. Machete Kills had a plotline about there being a giant wall on the Southern Border, but in that film the president was Charlie Sheen.

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