The Best Band?


Now that I’ve completed my “Best Drummers/Bassists/Guitarists/Singers” project let me tell you why I dislike the “pick 4 musicians to form your dream super group” game.

If I take the top spots from all of the lists I’ve come up with over the past month what you’d have is a band with Dave Grohl on drums, No bass player, Dave Gilmore on Guitar and Leonard Cohen singing.

The point I wanted to make there is that just because a musician is great in a certain band doesn’t mean they will be great in any band.

I gave Grohl props for being versatile and playing with many different groups, but could you imagine him jamming with Dave Gilmore? I’m not sure that heavy punk hitting would mesh well with the classic rock stylings of Pink Floyd. And then to throw Cohen in there… well now we’re just talking about a disaster. (Although I do have to admit it sounds interesting).

diamond Dave and Sammy HagarIt’s strange the how different bands can sound with the inclusion/exclusion of just one member. Would Nevermind have been such a hit if Nirvana hadn’t replaced Chad Channing with Dave Grohl? Van Halen and Van Hagar are literally two completely different bands despite being 3/4 the same. So are Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave.

And what the hell happened to Korn? They were a pretty rocking heavy metal group and then they lost their guitarist and drummer and all of the sudden they’re like a techno thing.

While most musicians do pretty well in most groups it’s still pretty interesting to think of how they’d interact. the question isn’t “which 4 musicians would be the best,” so much as it’s “what would these 4 musician sound like together?”

I wish there was an antonym for the term supergroup. I know it’s meant to convey anytime a few musicians who are already successful get together, but there should be a term that we use when they get together and it’s really awful. Like chickenfootgroup.


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9 thoughts on “The Best Band?

  1. Hmm. I have the first Chickenfoot album. All I know is I definitely prefer it to Van Hagar.

    Best bands ever? Oooft. Let’s see …

    ZZ Top. The Afghan Whigs. The Beach Boys. Possibly. Also, those three will change tomorrow.

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  2. Interesting post Zack – that’s such a disappointing feeling when the whole is less than the sum of its parts.
    You’re right, what’s the term? When 2 + 2 = 5,it would be synergy. But when 2+2 = 3, I can’t think of the name!

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    • I knew someone had to like Chickenfoot, but it sure isn’t me.
      I can’t argue that the Beatles were the greatest rock band ever, but you forgot The Ramones at number 2.

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        • I’m not entirely sure really. Sammy’s solo stuff is OK, but I can’t stand Van Hagar. The only person in the band I’d consider myself a fan of is Chad Smith, but even the Chili Peppers have been on a long downhill slide.
          Really, they were the only band on the massive list of supergroups that I’m not a fan of.

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          • Get this. The local rock DJ Craig Fee is a big Van Halen fan, not a Van Hagar fan. He’s been known to stop a Van Hagar track mid-song and throw on something from Fair Warning instead.

            Anyway, today some whiny listener emailed him to call him a wimp for not playing Van Hagar, not being a “real” Van Halen fan, and then dared him to play a Van Hagar track.

            I believe he answered that with a song from Van Halen II. LOL!

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