The Best Drummers

drum-2I’m not a huge fan of the “Name Four Musicians to Form Your Dream Super Group” game. I usually just rattle off the members of Alice in Chains or Tool. Sometimes it’s fun to pick a trio or quintet and add or subtract a member, but that was never my game.

I do really enjoy “Best of…” lists though. And I thought it would be a good idea to do some for this blog. That’s not because I’m running out of ideas or anything. I swear I’m not. I’ve got tons of ideas. Make sure you check in next week when I do this with Bass Players.


Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion, Suicidal Tendencies) – Wackerman lands on this list not only because of his awesome chops and stamina, but also for his great last name. It’s like his ancestors knew that someday one of their brood would become the drummer for a great punk band so they picked the coolest surname they could think of.

Frank Beard (ZZ Top) – Yet again, here is a man who’s name is as great as his ability to keep a beat. He gets bonus points for being the guy without a beard but having the name beard. God, will that ever get old?

Jimmy Chamberlain (The Smashing Pumpkins) – The best of the pumpkins if you want my opinion. And you must or you wouldn’t be reading this.

sexy drum machineMax Weinberg (E Street Band, Meat Loaf, Max Weinberg 7) – I had to add someone to make this list ten names. He was the most obvious choice.

A Drum Machine (Too Many To Name) – I was in a band with one of these for a while and I have a ton of praise for these guys. He was always on time (both for and during practice), never got too drunk to play, never had girlfriend drama and never threatened to quit. Aside from his lack of stage presence and sleeping with my old lady he was perfect.

Tommy Ramone/Marky Ramone (The Ramones) – I’m not sure if the trophy should go to Tommy for inventing the Ramones’ drum beat or to Marky for perfecting it.

Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory) – I’ll just let his feet do the talking:


Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander (Primus) – Both he and Larry LaLonde are pure geniuses just for being able to work with Les Claypool.

Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains, Jerry Cantrell) – Do you know anyone else who could come up with those great intros to “Angry Chair” and “No Excuses”? I don’t.

Neil Peart (Rush) – I’m honestly not a huge fan of Rush. I like them, but I can’t say I love them. Still, Neil deserves a spot on this list.

Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Probot, Scream) – I read him saying in an interview once that he is completely overrated as a drummer. And that may be true. He isn’t flashy, over the top or as machine gun fast as some other guys. But he has been very prolific as a timekeeper and has a knack for playing beats that accentuate the song without overpowering it. Sorry dude, you may be the best drummer ever.


18 thoughts on “The Best Drummers

  1. Dave Grohl is definitely a rock god, nice list. Also, great shout with Herb and Peart. Do you listen to System Of A Down at all? Because John Dolmayan is a favourite of mine, as well as Bill Ward, Taylor Hawkins and Matt Helders, of Arctic Monkeys.

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    • System of a Down is one those bands that I have heard enough from and don’t really care to listen to anymore, but they’re definitely great musicians.
      Nice additions to the list. I’m sure I could have named 100 drummers and still missed a few.

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      • His lifestyle translates perfectly into his drumming actually – chaotic, all-over-the-place, entertaining, unexpected. His style probably wouldn’t have made sense in any other band, but for the mighty Who, he was just the perfect fit.

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  5. Some very good drummers there. No doubt about it. I’d add Ginger Baker, Barrett Martin and Jack Irons. Also, I reckon Stone Agers Jon Theodore and Joey Castillo are great drummers, too.

    … and as for the Taylor Hawkins chat there, I reckon he’s a really great drummer.

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  6. Hahaha! I like the drum machine entry.

    I read Dave Grohl once said that Taylor Hawkins “blows him away” as a drummer. That may be — I think he’s great too — but my taste is Dave Grohl’s style. It’s identifiable and heavy.

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