Peaceful Easy Feeling

I was saddened to read that Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed away. I was also surprised to not see any tributes to him here on WordPress. This is the first rock star to pass away recently that hasn’t sent my whole social media feed into an uproar.

Is it because we’re all just burnt out on the rock star death thing? I mean, Scott Weiland, Lemmy, Bowie. I think we’re living in a golden age of rock star deaths.

Is it because people don’t like the Eagles? They are that mellow sounding Avacado rock that I usually detest, but I think mom brainwashed me into liking them by playing them way too much during my formative years.

Is it because all of the more recent Eagles music is horrible and doesn’t come close to capturing the brilliance of their 70’s work?

Or is it just that people don’t know?



9 thoughts on “Peaceful Easy Feeling

  1. My theory is that, excellent as they often were The eagles never really come over as very relatable, or even particularly likeable folk (Joe Walsh excepted) and maybe that’s the reason. or, as people have said maybe it’s just fatigue …

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    • There always was the air of asshole around most of them wasn’t there. I hadn’t thought of them. I try to just enjoy the music instead of focusing on the personalities behind it. It’s the only way I can still enjoy Megadeth.

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