An Early Contender

Last year I began working on my year-end top ten list in April. By that time I had heard several tunes I didn’t want to forget by December so I copied a few YouTube videos into a post and continued to work on it through the year.

It looks like this year I’ll have to start even sooner!

Granted, David Bowie does lose a few points for the whole dying thing. That seems to be a common trick to boost record sales. I’m sure STP and Motorhead are both seeing surges in revenue now, but I have to say Bowie put out some great stuff on his swan song. I listened to Heathen a few years ago and wasn’t really impressed. Honestly I like his hits but the only album I love front to back is Ziggy Stardust. That might change after I check out Blackstar.

I know the first single has everything I love about Bowie. Hooks, lyrics and being really, really fucking weird.


The sad thing is that I’m sure I wouldn’t be having the same reaction to this song if Bowie were still alive. I’m sure that opening line “Look up here, I’m in heaven” wouldn’t have the same impact.

I hope any of you who haven’t listened to him yet will take this time to check out some of his work. Over a 50 year career I’m guessing there’s something for everyone.


10 thoughts on “An Early Contender

    • I suppose in that way this album is his goodbye note to the world. That’s pretty cool. Not many artists get the opportunity to say goodbye like that.


  1. Yup. I’m waiting on the album to come back in stock. What I’ve heard is utterly incredible (title track and Lazurus), but I imagine it’ll be difficult to listen to the album and not feel the pull of the added weight.

    As for Heathen, when I first thought I’d listen to Bowie I bought that one. Wasn’t long released and I mind folks saying it was a goody, but I just didn’t get it. I did think Reality was a bit better, but I still didn’t dig that too much. Only really started exploring his earlier stuff fairly recently and have enjoyed much of it …

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