The Best of 2015


Bad Guys “Prostitutes (Are Making Love In My Garden)” Thanks 1537


Eyes Set To Kill – This album actually came out in 2013, but because I only discovered this band in 2015 it meets my rigorous and thorough standards to appear on this list.

Marilyn Manson  “The Pale Emperor

Ghost – Meliora


Coal Chamber/Fear Factory tour

Finntroll – Haxbrygd (Thanks to Mike Ladano)


The Death of Scott Weiland – I’m not trying to say this was one of the best things to happen this year, or even a good thing, but I don’t do a “Most Important” list so it ends up here.


John 5 finally goes on a solo tour

GWAR still Rocks!

Faith No More – Sol Invictus


Happy New Year!



8 thoughts on “The Best of 2015

  1. A friend threw that Marilyn Manson album my way and it was definitely worthwhile. Shades of Mechanical Animals for sure. I still need to pick up the Ghost album …
    As for Weiland’s passing … Stone Temple Pilots and his solo albums were pretty much all I listened to in December!

    Happy New Year, Zack!

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    • I wish I got more into new music so I could do a top 10 albums list, but I make due.
      I didn’t find the new Ghost album to be as good as Infestummam, but it was still good enough to make this list.
      I have the Wildabouts album on my wishlist.
      Happy new year!


    • My former band mate was really big on the goggles look. I’m not sure where you get the cool looking ones, but I got a pair of swim goggles at Walmart and that was good enough.

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