Happy Monday

I’ve been working a lot of overtime lately. I should be closing on a house after work today so I figure I need all the cash I can get. This led me to working three twelve-hour shifts last week plus Saturday for a total of 60 hours. I always go in early so one day I was doing whatever and being grumpy about not getting enough sleep when this song came on my MP3 player.

I figure if it was enough to cheer me up in that mood, it should be enough to cheer everyone up on Monday morning.



6 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. That’s a lot of overtime. I work in the medical industry(Orthopedics to be exact), so there are times that call for me to be at work a lot longer than I’d care to be. Nothing like 60 hour weeks, though. I haven’t done that in years. Hope it all pays off. And indeed, congratulations on the house.

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