Bands I Used To Love

I’ve been pretty consistent with my musical tastes for most of my life. I started out listening to the same stuff as my mom, but after discovering Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ I started to forge my own path. And the cool thing is that I’ve stayed on that path pretty consistently for 20 years. I believe the copies I have of Nirvana’s Incesticide and Alice in Chains are the original ones I bought in junior high. I also remember buying Pearl Jam’s Ten, a live Sex Pistols and Hole’s Live Through This on some of those early CD excursions. But nearly every path has a few side trips and there are a few musicians I don’t care much for anymore.


silverchair – The last time I listened to Frogstomp I couldn’t help thinking it hasn’t aged very well. I remember loving that band when I first heard them, but after the last listening it sounded dated and juvenile. I still give them props for recording a lasting album at such a young age, but I’m glad no one was recording the crap I was writing at 15.

Limp Bizkit – Yes, I bought the first Limp Bizkit album. No, not Significant Other, the one before that. I read about them in a Guitar World interview and really like Wes Borland’s guitar work. But then they got huge and all the jocks started wearing their t-shirts and their music became less about interesting guitar work than about the nookie, yeah, the nookie, come on, the nookie.

Shadows Fall – Well, I didn’t really love them. I just liked them a little. But then I got really, really bored with them.

Techno – Much like my interest in professional wrestling this didn’t last very long. I’d probably enjoy it more with Ecstasy.

We might not really be total assholes, but we sure go to great lengths to look like we are.

We might not really be total assholes, but we sure go to great lengths to look like we are.

Five Finger Death Punch – When I first heard ‘The Bleeding’ it was a breath of fresh air. It sounded like no metal being played at the time. It was new, exciting and different. Unfortunately everyone else felt the same way and 5FDP have produce 4 or 5 albums that sound exactly like that first one.

Dope – Ah, who am I kidding. I still love their first 2 albums.

Linkin Park – Judging from the used CD section at my local FYE I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Godsmack – I was doomed to like Godsmack because I was such a huge Alice in Chains fan. And they were really good on their first album. I still liked them on the second one too. I bought one somewhere later, but I’ve since lost it. They suffered not only from the paradigm shift that drove me away from bands like Limp Bizkit and 5FDP but also from the fact that their singer is an insufferable asshole. I don’t even like Motley Crue but I’d take Nikki Sixx’s side in whatever that feud is about.

The Grateful Dead – I used to smoke pot, but I don’t think it was a huge problem because I put The Dead on this list and not Phish.

You know your music career is in the shitter when you have to product pro wrestling to pay the bills.

You know your music career is in the shitter when you have to product pro wrestling to pay the bills.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Billy Corgan is looking to be the next Axl Rose with the asshole things he’s been saying in the press saying he and Kurt Cobain were the only significant songwriters of the 90’s. And then he started talking trash about the Foo Fighters. I have to give him credit for getting press, but none of it makes me want to listen to the new album. Or even an old album.


So are there any band you listened to that you’re embarrassed to admit?


17 thoughts on “Bands I Used To Love

  1. I used to like Silverchair also. Listened to them not so long ago actually and thought “oooft”. Still like the odd bit of Smashing Pumpkins, but Corgan is off his rocker. Totally takes himself too seriously and has an inflated sense of importance.


  2. Enjoyed this. I have to say I loved L7’s cover of ‘Used to love her’, when they called it ‘Used to love him’. Still makes me happy even to this day.


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