MP3 Player Review

SanDisk Clip Sport SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player Blue SDMX24008GA46B

Being a factory worker, an MP3 player is a necessity. I do have days when I stay busy enough to never turn it on, but it’s usually on nearly nonstop. Not that I don’t like my job; it’s often challenging and rarely overwhelming. Yet as with any factory job I spend a lot of time doing mindless tasks over and over and over and over. I had to buy a new MP3 player because my old one broke. This makes number three in 2 1/2 years… I hope I don’t write another review anytime soon.

Really, the last player I had didn’t die. It was a Coby and I thought it was a good MP3 player, but the Achilles Heel was it’s battery life. That thing could only hold a charge for about 4 hours. Seeing as how the normal workday is 8 hours this was a major pain in the ass. Now that I have this SanDisk Clip the battery never seems to go dead. Instead of charging it everyday when I get home (only to run out of juice halfway through my shift) I charge it on the weekends.

The SanDisk definitely beats the Coby on size. It’s much smaller (and cuter) plus has a great clip so I can stick it on my pocket instead of in my pocket. I do have a problem with bumping it on boxes and skipping to the next song though.

It also has a much better radio receiver. With the old one I couldn’t get any radio. With this new one I can pick up the radio station a half mile from where I work. They only play country, but it’s helpful if I feel like getting some news or hearing what schools are closed.

digital musicThere are a few things I miss about the Coby. One is that the music was organized chronologically by when I loaded it to the player. I found this helpful for keeping the listening selection fresh. Every week I would delete the oldest album or two and and add another one or two. Now I have my music organized alphabetically so I just have to wait until I get bored with something. I haven’t run out of space yet, but I’m sure I’ll eventually have to come up with a system to clear up room when I want to add new music. It is nice that I won’t have to delete albums by The Ramones, Weezer or Queens of the Stone Age just to send them back in the queue. I can just leave those bands on there until the end of time.

The other advantage the Coby had over this SanDisk was that I could shut off shuffle at any time. Usually I listen to music on random; much like the radio but without commercials. Every now and again I get the urge to just listen to an album though, when this happens now I have to go back to the main menu and select that album instead of just pulling down a little screen and turning off shuffle. I also don’t care for the way when I hit next it goes to a random track instead of the next song on the album. Sure, I’m getting sick of that particular song by Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but I haven’t heard the next track on that album for a while and I wouldn’t mind giving it a listen.

When I read that preceding paragraph I really want to give it the hash-tag #firstworldproblems. But hey, this is a review of my new MP3 player. Maybe someone could recommend one more to my preferences or I’ll inspire someone to design one.

I suppose I could also check the settings or read the manual.



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