So You Wanna Start A Band? Part 7

I’ve learned enough playing in bands over the years to have some wisdom to pass on. I notice a lot of awful things bands pass off as normal behavior and hope I can make the world a better place by helping prevent this. I don’t know everything about ‘how to make it in the music biz.’ If I did I would be writing this from a tour bus and not my apartment. If you disagree with my views I encourage you to share your own. If you have another way of doing things which brings more success I’d love to hear it.

Part 7: Take Advice

I think it’s important in any venture to find someone who knows more than you and learn from them. I know a few people who adamantly refuse to take advice or suggestions from anyone and only run around in circles chasing their own tails.

All you have to do is keep your eyes open and see what others are doing to learn from them. Unfortunately, all I’ve seen lately is advice on what not to do. If you feel like a few chuckles, head on down the rabbit hole with me…

The Top 39 Annoying Things That (Local) Bands Do

Some Band is Tired of you Leaving Before Their Set 

How is Anything You’re Saying Supposed to Make me Want to be in a Band With You?

I’m sure there’s advice out there for good things to do, but I don’t have any of that bookmarked.

The point of this lesson is to keep your eyes open and see what makes others successful. If someone is having better shows than you, find out why and incorporate that into your shows. And if someone is having worse shows than you, find out why and avoid that.

Remember, you can take advice from both of these types. But sometimes the advice is what not to do.


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