Wednesday 13 @ The Agora

Wednesday 13 Flyer Agora 201523 January 2015

The Agora Ballroom. Cleveland OH

Reverend Morbid, Dr. Dreadful, The Witch is Dead, Die So Fluid, Eyes Set To Kill, Wednesday 13

I was wholeheartedly expecting the Agora to be nicer than Peabody’s. I haven’t been there since Ministry’s C-U-La Tour in 2008, but I had fond memories of the place and remember is being a nice, clean and well-kept venue.

But then I flooded a urinal within my first two minutes. I guess someplace had to fill the void left by Peabody’s.

Luckily the music was better than the plumbing. I really dug the first band. They reminded me of Motorhead, but cleaner (that isn’t saying much, I’ve seen dog turds cleaner than Motorhead) and with horror punk lyrics. they had some awesome riffage and ever managed to play through an awful microphone malfunction that would have felled lesser bands.

Dr. Dreadful 2015/1/23

Dr. Dreadful

My only trouble with them came when I found out their name is Reverend Morbid. Don’t get me wrong; that’s a bad name or anything. But I imagine them looking at Dr. Dreadful and saying “Shit.” It made me wonder if the next band would be called Captain Corpse, Bishop Bloodyface or Governor Gruesome. with one band it comes of pretty cool, but when you see two bands with the same type of name something’s off.

I enjoyed Dr. Dreadful‘s female-fronted, Misfit’s-style punk again. I believe the first time I saw them was the last Wednesday 13 show I attended, but I’ve seen them a few times in the interim. It’s nice watching a band grow and change. I’ve been itching to hear some new music from them, but the changes in guitar tone managed to keep me entertained… for now.

Die So Fluid 2015/01/23Die So Fluid is an interesting band from England. They had a lot of the elements of progressive rock like spacey guitars, unconventional song structures and odd time signatures, but there was none of the virtuoso shredding of most prog metal bands. I can’t say I minded that though, I’ve never been a fan of John Petrucci so I found them quite interesting.

Eyes Set To Kill 2015/01/23I read a short piece in Revolver magazine at the Eyes Set To Kill merch booth that both impressed and disenchanted me. I was impressed that they were covered in Revolver, but article referred to them as Screamo, which let me to expect guttural growls and nasal, whiny singing. Still, I was interested enough to check them out and pleasantly surprised. Their songs are filled with great riffs and soaring vocal melodies. It put me more in mind of Kittie than… what’s a popular Screamo band? Sure there’s the gimmick of two sisters playing in a band together and wearing skimpy outfits, but they have some great harmonies and serious chops. I was impressed enough to buy their new album.

I was a little disappointed that after seeing him twice before and buying the EP Spook & Destroy I didn’t recognize more of Wednesday 13‘s set. It definitely wasn’t the same set I saw a year and a half ago. The band has added a keyboardist and the set was heavier. It’s not like they were ever a bubblegum pop band, but there was a lot more aggression, speed and drop-tuned bar chords. And a little less singing along.

Wenesday 13 2015/01/23

Still, it was a helluva good time.





So You Wanna Start A Band? Part 7

I’ve learned enough playing in bands over the years to have some wisdom to pass on. I notice a lot of awful things bands pass off as normal behavior and hope I can make the world a better place by helping prevent this. I don’t know everything about ‘how to make it in the music biz.’ If I did I would be writing this from a tour bus and not my apartment. If you disagree with my views I encourage you to share your own. If you have another way of doing things which brings more success I’d love to hear it.

Part 7: Take Advice

I think it’s important in any venture to find someone who knows more than you and learn from them. I know a few people who adamantly refuse to take advice or suggestions from anyone and only run around in circles chasing their own tails.

All you have to do is keep your eyes open and see what others are doing to learn from them. Unfortunately, all I’ve seen lately is advice on what not to do. If you feel like a few chuckles, head on down the rabbit hole with me…

The Top 39 Annoying Things That (Local) Bands Do

Some Band is Tired of you Leaving Before Their Set 

How is Anything You’re Saying Supposed to Make me Want to be in a Band With You?

I’m sure there’s advice out there for good things to do, but I don’t have any of that bookmarked.

The point of this lesson is to keep your eyes open and see what makes others successful. If someone is having better shows than you, find out why and incorporate that into your shows. And if someone is having worse shows than you, find out why and avoid that.

Remember, you can take advice from both of these types. But sometimes the advice is what not to do.


More Shitty Advice:

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The Problem With Your Local Scene

Recently I’ve seen a blog post making it’s rounds on Facebook explaining the problem with local music. I won’t blame you if you only read the first few paragraphs here, it’s pretty long winded. Really, all of it can be summed up in the opening of the second paragraph: “One of the main things we need in order to get a better music scene is for people to get off their asses, stop complaining, and go to a show. That’s it, it really is that simple.”


I agree with this statement, but I disagree with the way of thinking. Sure, the main thing needed to have a vibrant local scene is an audience, but it is wrong to place all the blame of a scenes failure on the inability of anyone to come to shows. If people aren’t coming to shows there’s probably a reason…

We’re given a few examples: laziness, Netflix, cheapness… probably a few more. Like I said, it wasn’t an extremely interesting post. I’m assuming that most people don’t show up to see the bands because they’re boring. I’m not surprised this post has gained traction among my friends in local bands because it does something they’ve been doing for years; blaming others for their failures.

I find that a lot of my friends in local bands are extremely opposed to constructive criticism. All they want is for people to blow smoke up their asses and tell them they make great music. I’ve heard a lot of excuses for why people don’t come to shows (many of them the same ones features in the No One Likes Your Band Post), and why people will drive 90 miles to see Mushroomhead but not 30 miles to see their band.

But you all miss the point… the problem is that your band isn’t that good. People do pay $200 to see major acts like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles because they write damn good songs that connect with people. And I have seen a few local bands that connect with people pull in some impressive crowds. They don’t go to see your band for $10 because your band sucks. People go to see Mushroomhead, Dax Riggs, Katy Perry, One Direction or whoever because they enjoy seeing this band and find them worth their time and money.

If no one is coming to see your band it’s because no one feels you’re worth their time or money. 

Don’t get me wrong, I understand how these guys feel. My last band, Bastard Friendly, didn’t achieve the success I hoped we would. But unlike a lot of my peers I don’t blame my audience. I appreciate the people that gave us some time and listened to us. I just wish we could have continued to grow, write and develop so that we could have become the type of band people would spent $10 and an evening with. Because when we went on hiatus, we weren’t.

47057723The sad fact of the matter is that watching Arrested Development on Netflix is a lot more fun than going to see most local bands. And that’s not the fault of Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Ron Howard, Mitchell Hurwitz or some Netflix fat-cat, but the fault of all these local bands that don’t work hard to create great music and just want to coast to super stardom.

You get out of it what you put into it.

Are You Lost 9

1910001_10202366648590091_7589657265662642234_nI’d like to think that because I’m such a great writer people are coming to read about my thoughts on music. Of course, what’s really happening is that people are typing crazy shit into search engines and ending up here. After reading fellow blogger Lebrain’s posts about what search terms lead folks to his site I thought it would be fun to share what leads people to The Audible Stew.

joan jett gay – She seems pretty happy.

keith richards friends with al jourgensen – Not yet, but like cockroaches and twinkies, they are expected to survive a nuclear holocaust.

Here you go old dude who figured out how to use the internet properly.

Here you go old dude who figured out how to use the internet properly.

porno layne staley – ewww

joan staley tits – Now? Or 1958?

black gives way to blue better than devil put dinosaurs here – I don’t think so.

acid bath song called blue something – “Venus Blue”

danzig shirtless Gee, how long did you have to search to find this?

penis stew bmg – ewww

organ grinder tutorial manson keyboard

how old is maria brink – Old enough to be your mother.

american musical supply catalog with george harrison on the cover

Vic Rattlehead talk to Godmegadeth’s religion

sara x mills naked fully – I actually looked for this on google for a minute before I realized that if the search brought them here… I’m probably not going to find it either.

bad religon hark the yuletide youtube


Thank You 2014

I’d like to send a big thank you to all of the people who stopped by the Audible Stew this year, but I don’t have addresses for all of them so I’m just going to thank those of you that read this post.

2014 was another year of growth for the Audible Stew. I’ve settled into my role as a rock blogger and I feel I’ve hit my stride. I’ve unleashed a few new series, Musical FriendsPlatinum Albums and So You Wanna Start A Band. I’m closing in on 10,000 hits. While none of these are huge accomplishment and I’m not quite a superblogger – It’s still a step on my way to global blog domination.

So after showing you the best the world had to offer you this past year in The Best of 2014, I bring you the best my blog had to offer this past year.

Now…(drum roll)… the winners are:

Best Movie Gig – J Geils in “Grown Ups 2”

Biggest Album I Couldn’t Care Less About – Slipknot

Most Popular Search Term – What’s Wrong With Axl Rose? Everybody and their brother is wondering.

Most Popular Posts of 2014 – 

Bridging the Music Presents Local Band Showcase 177
Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” 150
Weezer – “Weezer” (The Blue Album) 146
The Pretty Reckless – Going To Hell 144
What is Wrong with Axl Rose? 130
Are You Lost III 104

Most Popular Countries – After my post “The Best Canadian Rockers” I thought this list would look a little different.

United States 3,710
Germany FlagGermany 359
France FlagFrance 265
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 229
Canada FlagCanada 202
Australia FlagAustralia 95
I also had 11 views from Pakistan. I wonder who’s reading me in Pakistan.

Best Album Title – PLECTRUMELECTRUM by Prince and 3rdeyegirl. Mainly because it sounds like ‘Rectum Electrum.’

Biggest Disappointment – In This Moment’s Black Widow After My rave review of their last album, Blood, and a few rave reviews of this release I was expecting it to be… well, good.

2014 in review

I thought this was a pretty neat little thing WordPress got me for the New Year. Hopefully, some of you will enjoy it also.

Happy New Year everyone!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,700 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.