Local Bands to Watch

I don’t write about local bands often because most local bands suck. And most of the ones that don’t suck aren’t very good. So instead of having them go jihad on my Facebook for pointing out why they’re playing to 20 people at the Foundry in Lakewood instead of 18,200 at Madison Square Garden, I’ll just point out the best.

Against All Odds Album CoverAgainst All Odds – I still haven’t gotten around to checking out these guys’ album, but if it’s anything like their live show it contains a lot of really fun, high energy, well written punk rock. And maybe a guy in a grass skirt and coconut bra.

Minimal Concern – These guys are more of a hardcore act than I usually go for. Maybe I like them because even though there’s a lot of screamed, unintelligible vocals, they still have a lot of melody in them.


Decepticon Theory – Usually I don’t get into metalcore at all. I find the genre boring and devoid of feeling. Decepticon Theory liven things up by playing ‘Nintendo-core’ and mixing in video game samples and singing about Pokemon. That’s just enough humor to bring me into the fold.

Faceplant JunkiesFaceplant Junkies – I used to be in a band with the singer that was a thrash-punk hybrid. I think I like this straight punk version of some of those old songs better.


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