SUP Review – Vendetta

Surprising Uprising PromotionsI’ve recently joined with Surprising Uprising Promotions to start reviewing music for unsigned and unknown bands. Hopefully you’ll dig some of this new and unheard talent as much as I have.

I haven’t been getting into metal as much as I did in my younger days. I used to love bands like Chimaira, Lamb of God, Slayer, God Forbid and countless others. Not now though. The last time I went to a metal show (or was is a metal-core show? I think someone told me it was death-core or grind-core or apple core or something) I found myself thinking ‘what the hell is this? It’s just a bunch of kids banging on their instruments, screaming and jumping up and down.’

VendettaThen I realized… I’m old.

It was refreshing for me to hear the band Vendetta. It definitely falls into the category of newer metal bands that I’m a little too old for, but it’s not crap like a lot of the other bands. I’m a big fan of metal bands with female vocalists (Kittie, Otep) and I hear a bit of that in the vocals here, but what also strikes me is the contrast between the clean and scream voices. The changes are so abrupt it gives me the impression of a conversation. One person is singing the a nice high pitched voice and the other is growling in a possessed-by-Satan, black-metal voice.

And the greatest thing about ‘Martyr’ is the quick bass pull-off that you almost miss because it happens so fast. Usually bass is one of those instruments that if done right is completely camouflaged by the other instruments, but can come in every now and again to say ‘here I am.’

It’s great to hear some new metal that makes me feel young again.




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