What is Wrong with Axl Rose?

axlUnless you’ve been under a rock (or were enjoying the beautiful weather over the weekend) you’ve seen the chart that says Axl Rose is the greatest rock singer of all time. 

Personally, I don’t have a huge problem with this chart. I find it to be somewhat lacking in that it only takes into account vocal range. There are many other factors I consider when deciding who is a great singer. Passion, performance, feeling, emotion. But these are things that really can’t be quantified and put onto a chart so I’ll agree with this sites findings because I don’t want to go through a million albums and study the vocal ranges of all these singers (Thank you for doing this for us www.concerthotels.com)

The crazy thing I find about this chart is the backlash. I have Gun’s and Roses greatest hits on my MP3 player so I hear a few of their songs every night at work, and I’d have to say (while I might not call him my favorite) Axl Rose is a great fucking singer. But the backlash against this was nearly instantaneous with people saying “Fuck Axl” and “Mike Patton is better

I understand that looking at Mr. Rose in 2014 he is a much less “cool” figure than he was 20 years ago. But damn, haven’t any of these people listened to Appetite for Destruction, Lies, or Use Your Illusion?

Why do people hate Axl so much? He wasn’t the subject of many child molestation accusations like Michael Jackson. There was never a rumor of him removing a rib to suck his own dick like Marilyn Manson. Sure he’s a megalomanical perfectionist, but so is Trent Reznor. He never killed anyone in a drunk driving accident like Vince Neil. He never adopted an underage girl so he could take her on tour with him and have sex with her like Steven Tyler. He never kidnapped an underage girl and kept her in his home to have sex with her like Jimmy Page. He didn’t physically abuse women like Ike Turner, Rick James or Dr. Dre. He didn’t use racial slurs like Elvis Costello. He didn’t kill half the population of California Condors like Johnny Cash or film women going to the bathroom like Chuck Berry. (Thank you Cracked.com)

So what the hell is the deal with Axl Rose? I surmise that he must be a super-massive asshole to have gone from being the front man of the biggest rock band in the world to being the biggest joke in the world in just 20 years. It takes talent to achieve all that he did musically and as for what he’s achieved elsewhere…

That takes something else entirely. But I’m still not sure what it is.


Some content on this page was disabled on May 30, 2016 as a result of a DMCA takedown notice from Axl Rose. You can learn more about the DMCA here:



13 thoughts on “What is Wrong with Axl Rose?

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  3. I guess people see Axl as the typical band leader who suddenly, overwhelmed by the success, thinks he can do anything both on and off record. The Use Your Illusion-period music videos, as well as the length/overreaching concept of those two albums are as far from rock ‘n’ roll as one gets. Not to mention all the wait for Chinese Democracy caused by the endless overdubbing and re-recording…again, not very rock ‘n’ roll. People see him as the main cause of GnR’s shift from the gritty, blues-rock, riff-driven, collective-effort Appetite direction which ultimately caused the band’s implosion. And I guess there’s some truth to that, even though I like a good part of the Use Your Illusion albums as well as some things I’ve heard from Chinese Democracy. But of course I agree that he was brilliant in his prime, as a singer, song-writer and front-man.


    • I try to reply to all comments made on here, but damn that’s a long one. I’m not sure how to respond, but thanks for checking out my blog.


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    • I thought I heard Duff McKagan had played a few shows with them…
      But yeah, that’s a good theory. It’s probably the most likely also.


      • Duff is playing shows with them. Izzy has played partial shows. But the guy people want back is Slash. Duff is one thing, but it’s only as a fill in while Tommy’s doing his Replacements gigs.


  6. If the picture shown is accurate, at least he still looks great. Say it ain’t so about Steven Tyler and Jimmy Page. I did hear that Page held some wild, Satanic orgies in the old Aleister Crowley home.


    • Steven Tyler did admit to it in his book. This girl’s parents actually let him adopt her so he could take her on tour. I saw the one about Jimmy Page on an internet site that seems pretty credible and now that you mention Satanic orgies I have no reason to doubt it.
      Don’t get me wrong, they’re still great musicians, but it’s nice to remember that sometimes great musicians can turn out to be not so great people. I’ve done some bad shit in my life, but I’m glad it’s not going to be the topic of a Rolling Stone interview.


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