SUP Review – Contour

Surprising Uprising PromotionsI’ve recently joined up with Surprising Uprising Promotions to start reviewing music for unsigned and unknown bands. After listening to quite a few groups on their website over the past few weeks, I’ve narrowed the list down to a few I’d like to share.




Contour come surprisingly close to being a band I totally despise. There are many of the trappings of the indie rock that are so in vogue at the moment. There are washes of clean melodic guitar, angsty vocal and somewhat predictable song structures. But they lean closer to being a band I love by using something I never hear in indie rock: honesty.

I’ve never met anyone from this Canadian post-metal band and I’ve never corresponded with any of them via email or Facebook, so for all I know they could just be some rich kids who bought a few guitars and wrote a few tunes to try to get chicks. But if they are they’ve fooled me. There is a type of sincerity to their music that I find more compelling than the chords used, distortion, vocal melody or drum beat.

They do manage to be about as heavy as possible without being straight-ahead metal. I can hear the influence of bands like Chevelle, System of a Down and Thrice, but at no point do they sound like a rip-off. They combine the passion and hunger all great rock band possess in their use of lush soundscapes and bare boned lead work.

While they come off as a simple down to earth band at first, a few listens opens up a slightly more intricate world underneath

As always… check them out for yourself


Facebook link: here


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