Surprising Uprising Promotions Review – Omnithex

Surprising Uprising PromotionsI’ve recently joined up with Surprising Uprising Promotions to start reviewing music for unsigned and unknown bands. After listening to quite a few groups on their website over the past few weeks, I’ve narrowed the list down to a few that I’d like to share with you.



The first in this series is Omnithex.

When I clicked on the link to Omnithex’s official website, the first thing I saw was a picture of the 4/5 of the band who aren’t the drummer. Then I let out an audible groan to myself because the guy in the foreground is playing the turntables. “Oh great,” I think to myself. “Another band with a DJ. I’m sure they’re going to sound just like Slipknot or Limp Bizkit or Sugar Ray and I’m still not going to have any idea what the hell a DJ is doing in a rock band.”

Surprisingly, that is not what happened.

When I clicked on the video for “The Gates” I heard a nice rock and roll song completely devoid of any of the nu-metal flatulence so common among most newer bands. The song packs a lot of guitar solos and once the vocals begin I hear a bit of Dropkick Murphy’s sound. Just without the banjo.

And the craziest thing is that unlike Slipknot, Hed PE or Incubus I can actually understand what the DJ is doing and he doesn’t just distract from the other instruments, but adds a nice unique flavor.


After listening to a few more tracks from their EP “Def Eddy” I’m reasonably sure that not only are they the only band I’ve ever heard from Billings, Montana; but that they are also the best band I’ve ever heard from Billings, Montana. If your a fan of good, no-frills rock and roll this is a great group for you.

Check Omnithex out on facebook.




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