Hole – Live Through This

I recently realized that I’ve reviewed 2 albums from 1994 this year. Not being one to turn down a good gimmick, I want to continue with this. Unfortunately I have no clever name for this series. Be on the lookout for me to review at least on more 20-year-old album this year

Part 1: Weezer – “The Blue Album”

Part 2 Soundgarden – Superunknown

hole live through thisHole – Live Through This

Boy, Courtney Love has had a rough past few weeks, past 20 years, life. It must have seemed like a fairy tale to marry the handsome leader of the worlds biggest band after landing a few bit parts in indie movies and getting kicked out of several bands (including Faith No More), but the fairy tale didn’t last long. First you almost lose your daughter because you admit to using heroin while pregnant in Vanity Fair, your husband commits suicide and you’re blamed for it directly and indirectly, your bass player overdoses and dies, you bang all sorts of dirty rock stars and then you become an enormous joke by flashing your breasts more often than a stripper, Madonna, Miley Cyrus.

Who ever said “there’s no such thing as bad press” certainly wasn’t talking about Ms. Love. The recent reports that she’s reunited the classic lineup of Hole have been drastically overshadowed by the news of the note in Kurt Cobain’s wallet at the time of his death and her father saying he thinks she’s responsible for her his death. (He’s not the only one, I would highly recommend the film Kurt & Courtney to anyone interested in either Nirvana or Hole).

But I try to focus on the music here. I don’t agree with the political views of Ted Nugent, Dave Mustaine or Jonathan Davis; but I do enjoy (to some extent) music by all three of those artist. So even with all I’ve written in the first two paragraphs, I have to say that Live Through This is a solid rock album that I still enjoy listening to.

jennifer's body“Violet” may very well be one of the greatest album openers of all time. I can’t think of a better song ot open this album than the mellow strummed/hoarse screamed grunge masterpiece. “Miss World” is a great example of the appeal of Hole. Even a simple and slightly cheesy song is wrought with emotion. “Jennifer’s Body” isn’t what I would call the best song on the album, but it did have a movie based on it. Of course, I wouldn’t call that the best movie I’ve ever seen either. “She Walks Over Me” is a nice punk rocker. In spite of (or perhaps because) is sounds quite a bit like Nirvana’s “tourette’s.”

“They say I”m plump, but I throw up all the time” is a perfect tongue in cheek lyric for a female fronted rock band. Surpassed only by, perhaps, “Like a liar at a witch trial, you look good for your age.” “Gutless” also features some great poetry with “I don’t really miss God, but I sure miss Santa Claus.”

If you’re reading this post I can only guess you already know “Doll Parts.” Aside form “The People Vs. Larry Flynt” it’s probably the best thing Courtney Love has ever done. (But her role in that movie was as a slutty junkie so I can’t say she was acting very hard). And this is the greatest crying-in-my-beer-I’ll-have-my-revenge song of the ’90’s. Who hasn’t sang along with “Someday you will ache like I ache”?

My favorite of the album is probably the closer “Rock Star.” It’s a stupid three-chord song with the silly lyric “We look the same, we talk the same, yeah we even fuck the same.” It might not be the most wholly original statement but, no one would ever accuse Hole of being trend setters or original. Sadly this was the only good album I ever heard from them. I didn’t care for Celebrity Skin so much I never listened to anything after.

But I still dust this one off every now and again. Mostly when Courtney Love does something dumb like letting strangers suck her tits and I remember “Hey, she did do a good album once.”



14 thoughts on “Hole – Live Through This

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  6. I do have plans to tie the next one with a Sept release date, but I sort of missed the boat on these early ones.
    Thanks for the tip, but couldn’t you have helped with a witty title?


  7. Nice point about it being tough to separate the musicians from the music sometimes – agreed, this one’s a keeper. Love the clean guitar tones in Miss World and the drum entry in doll parts after ‘the girl with the most cake’

    Suggestion: If you’re sticking with the 20 years ago theme, time the post with the original release date of the album, therefore borrowing the Sgt. Pepper line “it was 20 years ago today…”


  8. Great writeup man. You were talking about liking some humour in lyrics earlier — well I like humour in reviews! So well done.

    It is a shame, but no bootleg recordings survive from Courney’s period in Faith No More. I remember reading a quote from her about it though, in RIP Magazine. She said in Faith No More she tried to “write lyrics and figure out what to do with my hands on stage.”


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