Bastard Friendly – Lost in Translation

Bastard Friendly - Lost in Translation - coverSome of you may know that aside from being an awesome blogger and music critic I am also a musician. And I like to think that not only can I dish out the snide reviews and snarky witticisms about other peoples’ music, but that I can also take it about my own.

So my fellow bloggers I need to ask you a favor. Listen to or download the debut EP “Lost in Translation” from my band Bastard Friendly and let me know what you think.


Don’t pull any punches here. Don’t think of me as a friend or guy you know from the internet, just some asshole who thinks his band is a lot better than it really it.

I’m looking for some blurbs I can put on the page like “This album made me vomit.” “The worst album since Limp Bizkit went away… What you mean those assholes are making music too!” and “Our generations Catcher in the Rye. Not because it’s a masterpiece of literature that everyone can relate to, but because it makes me want to kill people. Even people who write good music.”

Thank you.

Here’s a review we got from the Sonic Sensory

Oh.. And don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook. That does wonders for our self esteem.


5 thoughts on “Bastard Friendly – Lost in Translation

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