P!nk- The Truth About Love Tour

71oIdJ9EygL._SL1104_I don’t think I do a very good job of hiding the fact that my favorite guilty pleasure is slut-pop. And the first slut-pop artist I really fell for was Pink. From the time I saw her jumping rope in the “U + Ur Hand” video I was hooked. It didn’t help that the song is extremely catchy and the lyrics really fun. It’s one of those tunes that makes it a little harder to be in a bad mood when you hear it and that’s a quality I really like in music.

I saw this on my Netflix the other day so I thought “What the hell. If it sucks I’m only out 2 hours of my life.” Looking back I don’t regret it. It wasn’t the best concert video of ever seen, but it also wasn’t the worst. It was definitely different from any concerts I’ve been to or watched on video.

The Hollywood Reporter said the “Truth About Love tour proves to be pop’s biggest spectacle,” and judging form this performance in Melbourne I’d have to agree. I know most of these girls have backup dancers and choreography but I don’t really get into that sort of thing. The thing that got me was the aerialists. For several songs Pink sings while flying around on bungee cords, wires and giant spinning balls. I have to give her props for being able to sing while bouncing around like a yo yo.

71WOKjY3ehL._SL1104_I also found it refreshing that she actually was singing and not just lip syncing. We all know that it’s wicked hard to sing and dance at the same time (I’m sure it’s much harder than playing the bass line of ‘Tommy the Cat‘ while singing) but Pink manages to do a decent job of keeping up while relying on her backup singers when things get a bit too harsh.

She has an awesome band. All the songs were spot on. There are a few tracks where she just sings with an acoustic guitar that I thought were pretty cool. Plus there were a few interesting video effect that I’m sure wouldn’t have been present during the live performance. I liked how everything went black and white during “Wicked Game”  and other numbers were sepia toned.

The use of theatrics was great. From the narrator character Rubix, who told us we were delving into the mysteries of love and searching for it’s true meaning, to the dance numbers during costume changes I thought it was a great performance. I found myself very entertained.

The thing is I’m not a fan of all of Pink’s songs. There are a few I really like (Just Like a Pill, U + UR Hand,Trouble) and a few I don’t really care for (Sober, Walk this Way).

Another thing I thought was kind of silly was how she says that being a mother has changed her view on using the F word and because children were in the audience she edited “F**kin’ Perfect,” but still sang songs like “Slut Like You,” “Walk this Way,” and “U + UR Hand.” I’m curious as to how she’ll be growing as an artist as her daughter ages. Personally, I’m not a fan of the lets-party-and-get-drunk-and-have-a-one-night-stand songs so I’d be happy to see them go.

From watching this I’d have to say the crowd was about 98 % female so the next time Pink comes to town I may have to buy a ticket and try to pick up some women.

If you’re a big fan of Pink you need to see this, but if you are you’re probably not reading my blog.


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