Happy Australia Day

The calendar I bought for this year informs me that today is Australia Day. I’ve never heard of this before. I’m not really sure how I should celebrate Australia Day because I don’t know much about Australia. Is this something the whole world should celebrate by saying things like “Crikey?” Or is it just independence day for Australia?

Are you going to listen to AC/DC, Keith Urban, INXS or Jet? Did I forget any Australian bands there? I don’t think there were a lot of them that got big internationally.

Should we watch “Crocodile Dundee” or “The Crocodile Hunter”? Are there alot of Crocodiles in Australia? We could watch something with Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Sam Neil or (my favorite) Naomi Watts.

Ah, what the hell. I’ll put on “Dead Calm” and listen to some Silverchair.

Beats the hell out of “Mad Max.”

Happy Australia Day!


8 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day

    • It’s a shame nothing else from them really stood up. I still love this song but rarely listen to the whole album, and I’ve never listened to most of their other albums.


  1. Actually I could go for some Mad Max! Or even better…Road Warrior.

    An Australian band I liked was called the Whitlams. They were piano based pop, like Ben Folds, with really witty lyrics.


    • I couldn’t get into Mad Max. That movie never did it for me.
      I’m sure I could have come up with a few more Australian bands if I’d looked a little deeper. I have one or two Australian blogger friends on here and they share some pretty cool stuff occasionally. I just wanted to stick with the big names.


        • I’m not really sure which of those movies I saw. It was the one where he went to the country with his family and I believe they were murdered but most of the movie was just him with his family running from the chaos of post-apocalyptic Australia. I’ve tried watching it a few times and I never liked it. I would like to check out “Beyond Thunderdome” just to see Tina Turner’s performance.


          • You saw the first one. It’s harder for me to watch for the reason you mention. I’m not into the whole families raped and murdered thing.

            Road Warrior was awesome. It’s nothing was a wasteland now and people have separated into tribes and gangs and they all want one thing. Gas! I loved Road Warrior, I watched it twice in one day 🙂


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