Thank You: 2013

I’d like to send a big thank you to all of the people that stopped by the Audible Stew this year, but I don’t have addresses for all of them so I’m just going to thank those of you that read this post.

2013 brought all the success I had hoped for when I started this blog in 2012. Well, aside from the TV series staring William Shatner, but I’ve had fun and I’ve had a lot of hits. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. I assume you have because you’re reading this piece-of-crap, year-end recap.

The best part is that it has rekindled a long held, but growing dormant, interest and love of music in me and hopefully this will continue into 2014 and beyond.

Now…(drum roll)… the winners are:

The top posts of 2013:

39277_10151517725492692_1507868876_nScio Showcase 2013

Taste the Scene: Forgive Charlie Sheen

Bridging the Music Presents Local Band Showcase

Rock on the Range 2013

Syko-Maffia WWII

And the post I’m most proud of came in Number 6: Anarchadia Interview

Number of name changes to my blog: 3

Top Albums of 2013:

In This Moment -Blood (I know, this is from 2012. But I didn’t come across it till Rock on In-This-Moment-Bloodthe Range. And I love the heavy metal meets slut pop style so much it may be my favorite of 2014.)

Anarchadia – Let Us All Unite

Ghost – Infestissumam

Almost All In Good Fun – Fire. Safe. Cigarettes

The Gunt Punchers – 10,000 Flushes

Alice in Chains – The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

The Melvins – Tres Cabrones

GWAR – Battle Maximus

Album I refuse to listen to: 13 by Black Sabbath (It’s not a reunion if Bill Ward isn’t there dammit!)

fuck-buttons-slow-focus-albumDumbest Album I keep seeing on “Top Albums of 2013” Lists: Fuck Buttons. You’d think a band called Fuck Buttons would be really cool, but it’s just a bunch of techno crap. How the hell did this manage to be so big! I don’t understand. It should also be noted that there were probably a bunch of more awful albums in 2013 like Kanye West, Arcade Fire and Imagine Dragons, but none had cool enough sounding names to make me actually listen to them.

Best Song: “It’s Not Necrophilia If It’s Undead” by Dr. Dreadful

Best Video: “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” by Alice in Chains (with “Wrecking Ball” from Miley Cyrus at a close second.)

Top Countries:

United States


United Kingdom

Syrian Arab Republic


Thanks again everyone! I would probably continue doing this blog even if no one read it, but I’m very thankful I don’t have to test that theory.


3 thoughts on “Thank You: 2013

  1. I love the Alice In Chains album. I also love 13 — but I agree that it is not a Black Sabbath reunion album. It’s a new Black Sabbath lineup and that’s all there is to it.

    Sorry the Shatner series has not worked out yet, don’t give up hope.


    • I’m sure I’ll check out 13 eventually. I read your Sabbath Stones post and was surprised to find out that I actually do enjoy some Sabbath tracks without Ozzy or Geezer or Ward.
      I’m still keeping my fingers crossed on the series!


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