More Shocking than Marilyn Manson

LHROOHcoverWhen I was a teenager Marilyn Manson’s released his autobiography The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell. I loved that book. It blew my young impressionable mind. I read it three times. I was shocked, appalled and completely enthralled with the tales of debauchery and drug use and… well, stuff that Marilyn Manson does.

But that was then and this is now. I’ve grown up a bit in that time and I’ve read a few more biography’s of rock stars since then and Marilyn Manson doesn’t seem very shocking anymore.


Here are some of the newer books that make Manson seem tame.

Slash – Marilyn Manson writes about kicking out his original bassist Gidget Gein when he slash_book_coverdiscovers him smoking crack with prostitutes. Slash writes about smoking crack with his mom’s boyfriend when he was 14.

Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen – Jourgensen was a guinea pig for Timothy Leary’s experiments, lost a toe to heroin addiction and hates 90% of the people he ever met. Of course, if crack cocaine has produced anything good in it’s history it was definitely “Jesus Built My Hotrod.”

Life by Keith Richards – This book is shocking because Keef actually talks about his development as a guitar player and songwriter instead of just focusing on tales of groupies and heroin. And yes, he did snort his dad’s ashes. What son wouldn’t?

140The Life and Times of Little Richard: The Quasar of Rock by Charles White -Here’s the book to turn to if you want to read about sick sex stuff. Little Richard was a strange priapic ranger. He also claims to have once had a threesome with Buddy Holly (with a girl in the middle).

The Biography of Elton John by Philip Norman – Shocking because Elton John is just so…boring. I expected some sort of excess or strange sexual stuff, but for the most part you have to read slanderous newspapers for that.

Mustaine by Dave Mustaine – Why does Dave Mustaine still hate Metallica so much? I can’t imagesfigure it out. I’m glad he was kicked out of Metallica. If it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t have “Peace Sells,” “Trust,” or Countdown to Extinction.

Red by Sammy Hagar – The most shocking thing about this book is that I actually read the whole thing.

Does the Noise in my Head Bother You? by Steven Tyler – I like Aerosmith as much as the next guy, but a 350 page song is a bit too much.


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