Renaissance of Music Video?

On our way back from Garbage @ House of Blues Patrick and I were discussing the decline of the music video in popular media. The subject came up because he was turned on to Garbage by their video for “Push It.” Both of us being music fans we were saddened that this alternative venue for artists to create was slowly heading for extinction.

Then this came up on my Facebook feed:

I’ve always loved music videos. They’re a great way to add another dimension to a song and for artists to express themselves visually instead of just audibly. This is the best video I’ve seen since… well, it might just be the best video I’ve ever seen.

While Alice in Chains have always produced great videos (see: “Rooster” and “I Stay Away“) this blew me away. And seeing as how it’s the fourth video from their new album I think it also tells us that record companies are now willing to drop money on the mini movies.

And the greatest thing is that I didn’t have to wait through a bunch of Spice Girls, Limp Bizkit or Chris Brown videos to see it. I didn’t have to stay up until 3 am when MTV finally played the good stuff. I just had to click on a link and it popped up. It’s great that cable television is no longer the supervisor of music video because now we can have true subversion like the above and semi-pornography like Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.”

I thought the video was dead, but thanks to Youtube and Vevo it looks like they’re back and better than ever. The only problem is that you have to search a little deeper for them.

I don’t have space (and you don’t have the time) to post all of my favorites, but here are a few of the greats:

And a cool article from Billboard:


3 thoughts on “Renaissance of Music Video?

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  2. I’d like to mention that I too love/loved music videos. I’m pleased to report that Soundgarden still make great ones (with Dave Grohl directing). Check out the recent one for By Crooked Steps. It’s actually my favourite Soundgarden video (previous to this it was Jesus Christ Pose).

    So yeah, in short the video is NOT dead, but you do have to dig a little deeper. Some bands will hopefully always make videos, Foo Fighters always will.


    • That is a pretty good one. I had seen a few of they’re newer videos, but wasn’t much impressed. Thanks for sharing this one, I wouldn’t have watched it without the suggestion.


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