Are You Lost Pervert?

After learning more about manners regarding blogging I asked if I could use his idea of posting strange search terms that led people to his blog. He didn’t say no so I’m gonna go with it.

Here I present you with some terms that led some perverts to the Audible Stew. Let’s just hope they didn’t leave anything in it.

tom araya stachatory rape

almost famous fucking

vortex strip club in akron ohio – The Vortex is next to a strip club.

layne staley gossip groupie – Blake Lively and Necrophilia; coming this fall to CWTV.

heavy rubber gear girlpursuit2

boobs shows uo rock on the range

band bettie heavy metal girls

joey jordison girlfriend amanda

tumblr mosh pit groped – It’s bad enough if a girl gets groped in a mosh pit, but why would you look something like that up.

who is the chick in mettal maffia – I’m not sure, but what an ass!

renee duvall i hate it when we fight because i know it deep in my heart how much we care for one another – I’m not sure if this is a search term or a love note.


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