Anything That Can Go Wrong 10

I was at work today when I realized that I hadn’t posted a second entry this week. Lucky for you, dear reader, I already had this interview I conducted with former Ockym’s Razyr guitarist Paul Ode typed up. I just have to dust it off and give it a once over to make sure their aren’t’ two many typos.

The Other Interview


After last weeks interview with Adam Gillis where he told me about the changes occurring1416197-rq_2102e9_13 in Ockym’s Razyr the next logical step was a sit down chat with Paul Ode. So I caught up with Paul last weekend at his new girlfriend’s parents’ house. He was happy to see me and a tad disinclined toward answering my questions.


The Audible Stew: So how have you been?

Paul Ode: I’ve been doing good. How about yourself?

AS: I’m good. I heard there was a bit of a falling out between you and the guys in Ockym’s Razyr.

PO: Yeah, it was time for me to move on. I haven’t been feeling the vibe with those guys for a while now, so it felt like it was time to get out and focus on something else.

AS: Would that have anything to do with your banging a band mates girlfriend?

PO: That was something that happened after I split with the band. That had nothing to do with it.

AS: Really? Adam told me that you moved here (Nora Tomason’s house) right from the apartment.

PO: Yeah, well… I moved out of there and moved here. I made up my mind that I wanted out of that atmosphere and decided to move somewhere else. I made up my mind, then I changed. It’s not like we were screwing around behind his back. Nothing was set in stone before I moved here.

AS: SO you guys weren’t sleeping together before you moved here?
PO: Well, we did a couple of times, but nothing serious… It wasn’t like we were together or anything. We just screwed here and there.

AS: They were always up each others’ asses, how did you manage that?

PO: Well, occasionally we’d meet in the bathroom or after everyone passed out. It was just something that kind of happened. A few times.

AS: OK, OK. Enough with the soap opera stuff. I came to talk about the music. What’s in store for you in the future?

PO: Well, I got really sick of playing that math-metal shit that Ockym’s Razyr always wanted to do. It’s fun and technical and nice to be challenged and all that, but I just want to be doing something different.

AS: Something different? Like what?

PO: Well, I’m a big fan of radio-friendly hard rock so that’s what I’m going to try to play. I figure that’s a good idea because a lot of people like that type of music. That’s why it’s on the radio right?

AS: What kind of bands do you mean by “radio-friendly hard rock?”81957-10.tif

PO: You know, the good stuff they play on the radio. Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, Five Finger Death Punch.

AS: You want to sound like Nickelback?

PO: I like Nickelback. A lot of people like Nickelback.

AS: I’m not disputing that fact it’s just that… I’m not one of them and I don’t know anyone else who admits to liking them.

PO: They’re still really popular.

AS: So is Tom Cruise.

PO: Whatever man. People like to hear stuff like that.

AS: Yeah, my mom likes Nickelback.

PO: Are you gonna be a dick the whole interview?

AS: Sorry, sorry.  Anyway, I heard you’re part of the Murphy’s Law reunion.

PO: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The bass player and drummer wanted to reform that band so they got a hold of one of my friends to be the singer and he suggested me as the guitarist.

AS: Wait… the bass player and the drummer?

PO: Yeah, they’re the only original members involved in the reunion.

AS: That doesn’t sound much like a reunion though. Shouldn’t you get the whole band back together? Or at least a singer or a guitarist?

PO: We have two original members.

Fleetwood Mac, the greatest soap opera of the seventies.

Fleetwood Mac, the greatest soap opera of the seventies.

AS: But you only have the rhythm section. It’s kind of like Fleetwood Mac.

PO: We’re nothing like Fleetwood Mac. How do you even come up with that?

AS: Well, the only original members still in Fleetwood Mac are the drummer and bassist.

PO: We’ll be more nu metal. Like Murphy’s Law was in the old days.

AS: Are you going to be playing the old tunes?

PO: We’re not sure yet, we may just write a completely new set and throw in some new covers.

AS: So… you’re going to play different songs with the same rhythm section and just cash in on the name recognition?

PO: No. It’s a REUNION. Put that in your blog.

AS: Alright man, I will. I just think it seems a little silly is all. What do the other guys from Murphy’s Law think about this.

PO: Who knows? One’s in Nebraska or Iowa or something and the other is playing in some other band. He’s too busy and doesn’t want to be involved.

AS: Well, best of luck. Tell Nora I said hi.

PO: Will do.


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