Anything That Can Go Wrong 9

The Interview (Part 1)1416197-rq_2102e9_13

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on my friends in Ockym’s Razyr. So, I thought it would be a great time to sit down and catch up with them. I stopped by front man Adam Gillis’s apartment and let the tape recorder run.

I’m not sure if things are looking up for them now… or if they’re still heading down. I’ll let you decide.

The Audible Stew: So what’s been happening since the last time I saw you guys?

Adam Gillis: I’m not sure where to start. How long has it been?

AS: Well, let me see. Josh had just moved in with you and Paul and you were trying to get Harry caught up on the songs.

AG: Oh. Wow. You have been away for a while. Paul is no longer with the band.

AS: Really? When did that happen?

AG: It’s been about a month, I guess. We just came home from work one day and he was gone. All of his stuff was out of the apartment. His TV, his Shoes, his guitars, everything. He just got it into his mind that he was leaving and he didn’t say anything to me or Josh. He just took off. Didn’t even have the balls to say anything to our faces. Just sneaked out like the snake in the grass motherfucker he turned out to be.

AS: Why do you call him that?

AG: Oh yeah. I guess if you weren’t here for that you don’t know about him and Nora.

AS: What about them?

AG: They were fucking behind my back.

AS: What? No shit?

AG: No shit. After he moved out I didn’t hear from Nora for a few hours. No calls, no texts, nothing. Which is strange. We usually are texting each other all the time. So I went over to her house and who do I see there? Paul. He’d already moved in with her. It turned into a pretty ugly scene with some pretty mean words going back and forth, but we took off before any punches were thrown or the cops showed up. I still want to pound his face in though. I’m just hoping I come across him in a dark alley sometime.

AS: I don’t know man. He’s a pretty big guy.

AG: The harder they fall man.

AS: So anyway. What happened with Ockym’s Razyr after that.

AG: Well, we’ve been on hiatus for a few weeks since that happened. I was feeling pretty bummed. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue making music anymore after that. I mean, when one of your best friends… someone you love like a brother does something like that. It sort of makes it hard to want to keep going. I was in a really dark place for a while.

AS: That’s understandable. What made you change your mind?

AG: Well, Hal and Josh were real adamant on not stopping. They really helped to keep the idea of not breaking up away and pushed me to keep going. Tiffany was really great too.

AS: Tiffany?

AG: Yeah, she’s my new girl. She really helped me to forget about Nora and put some of that anger behind me. Plus there’s the fans. The still really want to see me holding a mic.

AS: How many fans do you guys have?

AG: We’re almost to 2000 on our Facebook page. And we’re number 12 on Reverbnation.

AS: Overall for the area?

AG: No, just for metal.

AS: Well, that’s still pretty good.

AG: Yeah, I think once we get out there and start playing again things will fall into place and start picking up again. It sucks to have to have had to take a break, but what are you gonna do?

AS: Any word on what Paul is up to?

AG: Yeah, I guess he’s part of the Murphy’s Law reunion.

AS: Murphy’s Law? Weren’t they pretty big about a decade ago.

AG: Yeah. Now they’re getting back together and he’s gonna be the guitarist. I don’t even know what the hell Murphy’s Law means.

45730-Keanu-whoa-rmnZAS: Really? It’s the idea that anything that can eventually will go wrong. You named your last album after it.

AG: I thought that was Occam’s Razor.

AS: No, that’s the idea that the simplest solution is usually the correct one.

AG: Are you sure?

AS: Yes.

AG: Oh. Well I guess we’ve got a title for the next album then. Cheers!


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  3. I do use a tape recorder to conduct interviews, but not the one pictured here. That’s just a picture that was angled correctly from a Google image search.


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