Maid Myriad “Camera Eye”

Maid Myriad – Camera Eye (2013)Camera Eye cover


After reviewing bands from faraway lands like Damascus and Oakland it is nice to turn my attention back to my own little part of Ohio.


The last time I was at the Buzzbin Shop I picked up a business card advertising the new Maid Myriad EP and leading me to a website where I could download it for free. I actually had to consider this for a moment because I’ve never been a fan of the band. I’m not sure if this is because I heard a song in the past and didn’t enjoy it or if it’s just because I think the name is stupid. I was pretty sure that Jeff “JCK” Klemm had something to do with the group and I loved his previous project, Via Lotus, so I decided to give it a spin.


I nearly thought my prejudices were justified when I heard the high pitched vocals and clean guitar, but for some reason I didn’t turn it off. Then I started enjoying the slow arpeggiated chords, the feedback and layers that I heard over the basic tracks. Once the bass and drums kicked in I was hooked and though the chorus features vocals well above my range and lyrics I can barely decipher I was still tempted to sing along. “Azure Planes” is a bit more indie rock, but still features some great stop/start dynamics and atmospheric lead work. I feel the closer “Chardonnay” is the weakest track on the album and is probably the most similar to whatever Maid Myriad song I heard in the past that turned me off of them. Not that it’s completely devoid of good qualities, but all of those qualities are more abundant on the first two tracks.


From someone who is getting a little sick of listening to nothing but heavy metal and is always on the lookout for great new bands I would strongly recommend clicking here and downloading this album. They’ve crafted a very enjoyable set, even with the stupid name.



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