PBR Garage Door Fest

943137_4507474098795_1900518153_nPBR Garage Door Fest 2013


The Artwork Of, Me Versus I, The Said So, ShiSho, Thee Rockafeller Sheiks, Young Republicans, Gunt Punchers, Yet To Define


Buzzbin Art & Music Shop – Canton, OH


6 July 2013


I’m sorry to say I wasn’t very impressed with the PBR Garage Door Fest. I’m not blaming any of the organizers, promoters or artists, but the weather really sucked. I was hopping for a flea market, a beer tent and hopefully a hot dog or some other assorted poor dietary choice, but instead was greeted by an empty street and a few hipsters ducking for cover.


A lot has changed with the Buzzbin shop since I last visited (Bob on Blonde and Most Beautiful Losers at Buzzbin Shop, Apr. 1). It’s gone from being a record store hosting the occasional live band to strictly a live venue. This makes for more of a professional atmosphere. It’s hard to have a mosh pit among stacks of vinyl and racks of t-shirts. It’s nice to see the store growing and having a community that supports it. I like that they still have a ton of artwork on the walls and they haven’t traded the original feel of the shop. My biggest complaint about the place is that every time I would check out a flyer seeing when a band was playing I discovered that it was two weeks ago.


When we arrived ShiSho were onstage entertaining us with some acoustic guitar/accordion driven folk. I was a bit surprised to see a coffee house group playing, but I can’t say I was disappointed. Songs about the Articles of Confederation, Policemen and Ohio Man elicited a few claps and a few more chuckles. It’s nice to see young people who pay attention in class using their knowledge to funnel their creative pursuits. I just hope that they don’t lose all their intelligence after years of hard drinking and end up like the rest of us morons saying “The Articles of What…”


After their set we ventured across the parking lot to 5th street and the Frankenstein Records store, but we made it back in time to

Eustace Tilley is not a member of Thee Rockefeller Sheiks

Eustace Tilley is not a member of Thee Rockefeller Sheiks

catch Thee Rockefeller Sheiks. These guys are from Indianapolis and play some good down and dirty garage punk. I was disappointed that they weren’t dressed in Jazz Age type suits like the dude from the cover of The New Yorker, but I can’t fault them for their tasty guitar riffs coupled with the tasteful lead work. I may be mistaken but I swear I heard a little bit of surf rock in their songs also. I don’t know how that could be though, there aren’t any waves in Indiana.


Young Republicans were a far cry from TRS, but a good band nonetheless. They sound checked to Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” and I think one of their guitars probably cost more than TRS whole setup. They still jammed out some good punk, although they did it with a metal tone coming through their amps and a bit more flashy lead work and some nice moving bass lines.


The Gunt Punchers took to the stage next and started playing the fastest punk rock this side of…well I don’t really listed to speed punk so I’m not sure what they were faster than, but it was fast. I’m not sure if this has to do with a new drummer or the fact that they didn’t seem all that drunk. Talking do them I didn’t notice many slurred words or droopy eyelids, but looks can be deceiving. My friend liked them a lot too, but in the warm store with the vibrations from the bass amp massaging him in his booth the poor guy passed out. I’m not sure how he did that with the volume, but I’m guessing it has something to do with working the midnight shift.


IMG_20130706_235453_888I was excited to see Yet To Define. I’d read about them in Buzzbin a while ago and thought they sounded cool.Then I heard a three-song EP and wasn’t impressed at all. So I was curious to see what they sounded like live. I found them to be incredibly abrasive, but with a solid bass anchor. I think that’s a good thing. While the guitars were shrieking and squealing and throats were being rubbed raw I was astounded how the bottom end held everything together nicely. And also a bit bewildered by the fact that I could barely hear the drums. It was pretty cool. I would have loved to stay for more than two songs, but it was after someones bedtime.


I really can’t complain about the day. I was disappointed by the lack of people selling pointless crap that I wouldn’t have bought anyway, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be selling shit for no one to buy in the rain either. And at least it wasn’t a wasted trip from New Philadelphia and we got to see some good live music. Once I returned to my apartment behind the bar and the smokers on the back patio seemed quiet for the first time on a Saturday I night I figured I got my moneys worth. Even if the show was free.

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      • Oooooooh. I think you’re the only other person I know who admits liking IHOP. Back in May 1974 I got my first summer job, a busboy at the new IHOP in College Station, Texas. I was making a whopping $1.95 an hour! Six months later I was managing the store, but six months after that I quit, knowing that the restaurant industry was not going to be my life’s calling.


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