Mobile Deathcamp @ Sadie Rene’s

999268_10151448336905868_290508159_nMobile Deathcamp @ Sadie Rene’s

One Hit Kill, The Party, Wixor, Mobile Deathcamp

June 23rd, 2013

Sadie Rene’s – North Canton, OH

I was surprised to see Mobile Deathcamp and One Hit Kill scheduled to play at Sadie Rene’s. I’ve seen both bands play killer sets at The Carriage House in Louisville, but Sadie Rene’s is a much smaller dive bar specializing in cover and awful original bands (before throwing curses at me realize that I’ve played in a few of those awful bands; most of my worst performance were on that stage). But what the hell, for $10 a ticket it was sure to be an awesome show. So I found a ride and traveled up to Canton.

One Hit Kill is an awesome progressive metal act from Alliance who manage to play without a hint of the pretension of bands like IMG_20130623_202128_760Rush or Dream Theater. I was surprised to see that they’ve scaled back to a four piece from the juggernaut I remember seeing a few years ago, but that hasn’t changed their sound or performance. They’re still among the tightest, most talented bands in the area. While the quartet I saw didn’t quite reach the pinnacle I heard on their album The Epidemic Nightmare, they do play with enough vehemence and technicality to still be considered epic and blow away all other contenders for the genre. I also overheard some talk of a video shoot at the Factory of Terror soon.

When The Party took the stage I though I was seeing a bulkier version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I wondered if any of them had ever tried steroids until I heard the music blowing through their amps. Then I realized: They just need those muscles to be able to play material that heavy. A scrawny guy like me can IMG_20130623_211029_488only hope to do a few Nirvana covers and can’t quite reach the As I Lay Dying sound. While much of their music was the mindless, riff based bodybuilder-core I expected, it was nice that they played without a sense of pretension and humor. Many similar bands try to be profound and intellectual but The Party celebrate the fact that their songs are all about drinking, fucking and fighting. The only bad thing about them was they forgot the cake.

I wasn’t expecting much from Wixor. I think I’m one of the few people in the area that wasn’t a huge fan of the recent Mind Pulp reunion, but this new band manages to take influences from the catalog of metal and carve a niche for themselves. I heard elements IMG_20130623_221500_578of Metallica and turn of the century Nu-Metal coupled with the dual vocalist attack. They played a set I found impossible not to enjoy. After they did a metal version of Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” I was hooked. I’ve always thought that would make a great metal song and they proved it. I also have to give them props on their take of “Immigrant Song.” the best was that instead of taking the easy way out and doing death metal growls they actually sang the song. Sure, they fell a little short of Robert Plant’s original, but who wouldn’t?

IMG_20130623_232444_174  Mobile Deathcamp took to the stage like a tank and played their face-melting hate the way only they can. Yet again I heard a departure from the typical metal seriousness and some good jokes from singer/guitarist Todd Evans. Of course, they’re still some of the scariest, burliest metal motherfuckers I’ve ever seen. They have a presence and volume that is not to be trifled with, but respected and studied. My biggest complaint about their set was that it was too short and I’d have loved to hear a few more out of them. But I’m guessing that with the speed they play they may have made it though more songs than the opening acts in half the time.

As we left I was a bit surprised to see the building still standing after all the brutal thrash it contained, but then again most of the crowd scattered once Mobile Deathcamp took to the stage. I’ve only ever seen a room clear out that fast when I was playing. It’s a shame to see half-assed, pretend-metal groups that don’t deserve to be on a stage packing venues and then to see a band like this that’s on par with Slayer, Lamb of God and any other thrash metal band today playing for only about a dozen people. I know my tastes in music aren’t necessarily representative of the general population, but I think it’s a travesty that I’ve played to bigger audiences than Mobile Deathcamp saw at Sadie’s.

I think that’s truly the reason Why There Is No Music Scene in this area. If we can’t come out in droves to support a national act that’s making their way into our sleepy community what chance do the rest of us have?


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