Scio Showcase 2013

39277_10151517725492692_1507868876_nScio Showcase 2013

Almost All In Good Fun, VENT, D.E.D. Beat, Shrouded In Neglect, Garblejunk, Curse the Wicked

May 11th

American Legion – Scio, OH

Saturday marked my first venture to the small town of Scio, where a neutron bomb landed in the form of a pottery factory closing. I’ve grown quite accustomed to seeing run down buildings in the past few years, but Scio seems to be doing a little worse than other areas. I even noticed a sign advertising a home renovations company in the front lawn of a home in dire need of renovations. I’m only glad that when we finally arrived at the American Legion Post just outside of town on a gravel road the entire town was there and the music wasn’t as run down as the community.

From what I can tell, about twenty years ago the girls from L7 raped The Statler Brothers and the resulting children have formed IMG_20130511_195236_528Almost All in Hand Grenades. The hometown boys brought their odd style of Hillbilly Grunge to the town that spawned them. It was a beautiful example of young people giving back to their community. Though they look like a few redneck children who grabbed their parents’ guitars and started jamming, they sound like that too. And it is working out great for them. They’re one of the bests bands we have in the area and definitely the most unique.

I’ve never know Cleveland to be a hotbed of hardcore punk, but that was before I heard VENT. These guys forgo the industrial and thrash of their hometown and play some down and dirty punk with a heavy metal attitude. They even managed to start the violent conga line called a circle pit.Their singer looked a bit like G.G. Allin aside from the fact that he was clothed and occasionally they’d throw in some pseudo-rap lyrics that lent them a Suicidal Tendencies feel. But through it all they managed to keep that Rustbelt feel. I hope to see them again soon.

IMG_20130511_213854_511D.E.D. Beat were third to take the stage for some dressed in black death metal. It took a few minutes for the sound to be dialed in correctly, but after the first song I started to hear more than just the double bass. Still, they performed a solid set of horror movie inspired madness in their hockey and S&M gear. This is death metal the way it was intended to be played: fast, loud and unintelligible.

I had to rush in when I heard Shrouded In Neglect and was surprised to find they have a female singer. The first few songs of their set were of a straight thrash variety, but they showcased a mellower side after the first few. They have a song in regular rotation on Columbus rock radio and do a great cover of “Killing In The Name.” Of course the best part of their set was when the bass player relinquished his instrument to (I assume) his son


I’m not really sure what to say about the acoustic hydra Garblejunk. They’re like a mariachi band on steroids. It’s like a nightmare at Bob Dylan’s house. I can just hear him: “Weeeweee woo woo zee hmm.” “No Mr. Dylan, That can be done with acoustic guitars.” I kept waiting for the nine man acoustic jam to bust out a cover of Tesla’s “Signs” but it never happened. I feel very conflicted, confused, abused and molested by them. Which I means I may be in love with them, but don’t hold me to that.

Check them out for yourself here:

Curse the Wicked took the stage to end the evening with some old-school thrash metal. Well, it was old school aside from the modern vocals. This combination is interesting a provides a fresh take on old genres. I’d like to hear more of them before passing a final judgement, but at the moment I’m a little disappointed by the utter lack of balls-tied-up-with-a-rubber-band-80’s-hair-metal screams.

I’m hoping that there will be more of these shindigs out in Scio in the future. It was a great time and introduced me to a few great bands that I’m sure I wouldn’t have heard if I hadn’t attended. Thanks a lot Scio! Don’t completely crumble before I get a chance to visit you again.

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