The Said So “Leggo Your Ego”

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“Leggo Your Ego”


After my less than stellar review of The Said So at the Gunt Puncher’s CD Release show I was contacted by a member of the band and offered a chance to review their latest CD. I jumped at the chance as this is the sort of thing I was hoping for when I started this blog: telling people about awesome bands in the area and getting free stuff for it. I certainly hope that my previous comments about The Said So weren’t taken to hard. My indifference toward them was in no way a reflection of their sound or talent level, but more so something I’ve yet to quantify in my own personal tastes. I feel the same way about Killswitch Engage and NOFX.

Of course, after listening to “Leggo My Ego” a few times it’s hard for me to maintain my apathy. Im not sure why I should enjoy this album when I didnt care for 2010’s “Too Punk For Practice.” Perhaps they made lineup changes or gelled better with the guys they had. Perhaps they took the title literally and were just awful. Perhaps I was in a bad mood that day.

Either way, there’s some damn good stuff on here. “Penny Dreadful” is a great opener with simple, dirty leads and dark, singalong lyrics. “Set It On Fire” features some not so politically correct lyrics that make me question the intelligence of giving a bad review. That tune and “Rock and Roll Queen” Feature some great screams not often heard in punk. I can’t help but smile that there’s a tune called “Violet Drizzle.” It sounds nothing like Prince but I can’t help think that it’s a play “Purple Rain.”

And of course songs like “Maleficent” and “Keeping it Canton” make numerous references to the bands hometown. It wasn’t until the sixth track (“Song 13”) that I realized these guys and other bands on the scene are forming a new type of punk. Call me crazy but there’s a sound in The Said So, The Most Beautiful Losers and The Gunt Punchers that could only come from Northeast Ohio. The band is a the forefront of a burgeoning new local scene and they play some really fun music. I’m not really sure why they care what I think.

I do find it very flattering that a band this good cares what I think. It lets me know that this blog is heading in the direction I want it to. I just hope I don’t get a big head over it.


Check out and download this album at Bandcamp.


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