Gorilla Music’s Spring Fest

373521_462073830516478_583176675_nGorilla Music Presents: Spring Fest

The Scenic Route, Ahkult, Drowning in Amnesty, All’s Well, Dark Allie, Audience of Rain, Syringe, Fractured Past, Habit, Atomic Grave, Advance on Thermopylae, JAG

March 23rd 2013

The Outpost – Kent, OH

Gorilla Music’s Spring Fest roared into the Outpost Concert Club at on Saturday and provided music fans with a full day of music on two stages. While a show like this has bands that aren’t for everyone, every band found their place and performed for a good sized group of people. Many different genres were represented though hard rock and metal definitely carried the most weight. Overall, I think it was a successful and fun show for everyone involved and I hope  there is another in the future.

The Scenic Route started off the fest with an oddball mix of Pop Diva vocals, R&B type grooves and hard rocking music. I couldn’t helpIMG_20130323_165947_477 but think that they looked like a group that may have been spawned in a Boys and Girls Club, but they’re so good I want to give money to the after-school program they’re attending. They managed to elicit an emotional response from me with their tune “Into the Sun” and certainly have a future that’s bound to take them there.


Ashkult did a complete 180 degree turn and provided the audience with some good old death/thrash metal.


Drowning in Amnesty returned to the mellower sound of The Scenic Route but with a more heavy metal approach. Singer Eliza Chavez has a full voice that makes me grateful Adele has made it cool for females to use their whole range instead of just the upper register. And while drummers don’t usually stick out, Patrick Jolly played enough unique rhythms and rim shots to catch my attention and proved himself an actual asset to the band (quite a feat for a drummer). Everyone else in the group was good but if I went on about them in depth I’d have a 1000+ word post and nobody would hear about any other bands.


All’s Well treated us to some spacey, low-fi blues rock.

Dark Allie proved to be the most entertaining band of the evening despite missing the time change. No, not the change to Daylight

This is NOT Spinal Tap

This is NOT Spinal Tap

Savings Time last week but the time change from 1986 to modern times. I hope they don’t take that too hard, they were a great band even had me feeling slightly nostalgic for a time I’m too young to remember.




Audinece of Rain brought us into the second half of the show that was devoted to a more solid collection of heavy bands than the cocktail of groups to populate the first half.


Syringe performed a set with slightly less theatrics and more focus on the music. Though not without the expected antics and spectacle.





Fractured Past played a great set featuring an updated version of The Doors’ “People are Strange” and ending with Metallica’s “One.” It

IMG_20130323_211040_678was also littered with some great prog-metal from a solid band fronted by a Frank Zappa lookalike.





IMG_20130323_213132_221Habit took me back to the ’90’s with their metal. I can’t even put my finger on what gives their music that feel, but it’s there. Through the single not guitar lines and bass that weaved in and out of the vocals and drums I caught a bit of a Life of Agony feel.





Atomic Grave and Advance on Thermopylae both played some blistering sets of thrash metal. AG of the ’80’s Slayer style and AoT with the modern NWOAHM persuasion.

Atomic Grave

Atomic Grave

After a solid seven hours of bands even a music lover like me can get a little tired so I’ll have to extend my apologies to JAG. I’m sure they played a great set but I was exhausted from all the other great sets. That’s the biggest problem with being the headliner.

Special thanks to Ashkult, Fractured Past and Habit. All of whom provided free CD’s for everyone that are sure to keep us humming their tunes until the next time we see them.


I’m celebrating my first year of doing this blog and I’d like to thank all of the bands and reader that have enjoyed my writing over the past 365 days! Cheers to many more years!


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