Conundrum of the Critic


I have found myself embroiled in a bit of a feud with a few members of the local music community, especially two members of Dream the Hero. What started as a friendly, respectful critique has descended to name calling and taunts on the internet.

Such is my conundrum…

It stands to reason that some people would not like what I have to say on this page and I understand and respect that. For the first week after my “Taste the Scene: Forgive Charlie Sheen” post I was content to let these folks do their ranting and complaining with impunity. I understand that I hurt their feeling and they needed to vent a little bit. But I feel a line has been crossed when nearly a month afterward I’m still finding salacious comments on the facebook pages of mutual friends.

I’m also torn as to whether or not I should respond. On the one hand I don’t want to sink to the level of childish name calling and would rather handle this situation in a mature manner. But then again I don’t want to be thought of as weak or a coward. I want to defend my actions. And it seems like a lot of fun.


You know which way I’m going to go right? I wouldn’t have had you read all of this for nothing.


The biggest complaint among my detractors is that I’m talking shit” about their bands. My understanding of the term means that I was saying negative things about them behind their backs. While it is true that I did say negative things about the band it was never my intention that they shouldn’t read it. If I hadn’t wanted my views known I would never have posted them or promoted them. And if I didn’t want the guys in Dream the Hero to read my views I certainly wouldn’t have posted them in a blog that their guitarist has been a huge supporter of since its inception.

I’m not sure if they intended for me to find their scathing remarks so I wont deliberate whether or not they were “talking shit.”

I also find it interesting that a friend who has recently switched bands had no problem with my writing when I reviewed his previous band (which I liked) but is now extremely pissed off at me because I reviewed his current band (which I don’t like). I’ve tried to maintain a principal of honesty and integrity. I never meant to lose friends, but I guess that’s par for the course.

I suppose I should have expected some sort of fallout like this, but I thought everyone in the scene was mature enough to deal with this sort of thing. Plus, nobody seemed to mind what I wrote about them in the Knees Freeze” post.

Really, I was trying to be nice. It may not appear that way if you just read the single paragraph about Dream the Hero. I enjoyed 2/3 of the bands I saw that night and had nothing bad to say about them. It’s odd that only the 1/3 that got a bad review are angry. And at least I wasn’t as mean to any of you as I was to these guys.

Remember that when you step on a stage you become a public figure. You’re not only allowing me to write this blog but are encouraging me to. Why would you do what you’re doing if you didn’t want the attention? The only difference between someone like me and Roger Ebert is that I’m working on a much smaller scale. I can’t help but feel that you’re not mad that I don’t like your band but angry that I didn’t lie and say you were the greatest thing since yoga pants.

And I never meant for this blog to be taken so personally. I’m not insulting anybody’s character or personality. I’m critiquing your public performance. If I say:


“While the music driving Dream the Hero is interesting. The front man has many attributes of a 12-year-old girl. Not only does he sing in a high-pitched, whiny voice but all of the lyrics seem to be about heartbreak. In one song he cries ‘I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen.’ I can’t help wondering if she also took his testicles. The best thing for Dream the Hero would be haircuts and testosterone shots.”


it’s not because I don’t like you as a person, it’s because I don’t like your band.

And what are you getting mad a me for. It’s not my fault your band sucks.


I never thought I would have to write a post like this. I thought that what I’d said in “About” would be enough. I guess some people are just too self-involved to see anything on these pages that don’t pertain directly to them.

I would like to come to an amicable end to this feud. It’s childish, immature and in the long run probably isn’t good for anyone. If we make it a few weeks without me seeing any more negative posts on facebook regarding my appearance, smell or talent level I’ll consider it ended and Dream the Hero will never again appear in the pages of this blog. However,I don’t mind continuing it. I did get a lot of views for “Taste the Scene: Forgive Charlie Sheen” and I get hard up for material some time. We could probably keep this up for a few more months at least.

The ball is in your court.



One thought on “Conundrum of the Critic

  1. It saddens me to see this and hear this. By reading your Knees Freeze blog I can only assume you are in Syringe. If I am wrong my apologies. But this blog and what you are saying Dream the Hero possibly said (no real idea since you only said talking shit) is very disheartening. What you said about my band was harsh, but good at the same time. Press is press…Bad or good. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. But this might be uncalled for. I don’t know what they did or said to provoke this, but sometimes it is best to break the cycle. I’m not condoning them if they are saying hurtful things…But damn man. Lets all just get along. Sorry I hate seeing stuff like this. It looks so bad on the local scene. Lets band together. Music is universal whether it is metal, industral, country, pop, rap, hard rock, post hardcore, etc. Let us put this to an end and think about helping the scene and not hurting it.


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