Goggles Optional IV

276910_593277124021035_544672645_nGoggles Optional IV

Blight vs. Blight, Almost All In Good Fun, Syringe

February 23, 2013

The Auricle – Canton, OH


I’d definitely have to say that Goggles Optional IV was a success. In spite of several setbacks and unexpected problems that popped up at the last minute (is there any other time problems pop up) everyone had a lot of fun and it was an all around good time.

This was my first time at the Auricle in Canton since they’ve had a liquor license. I did stop in to see Oh No! The Afterlife quite a while ago but that was when I was still drinking so I watched their set then headed to Gatsby’s. The place has changed, but it’s still an awesome place. Located in the basement of an office building, the brick walls and soft lighting make it seem like the kinda place more suited for jazz artists and open mics, but they do put on some awesome shows with national and local acts. The best thing is that because it shares a restroom with the offices upstairs they are clean and have doors on the stalls. There is a strange newfangled “waterless” urinal which I found a bit odd, but other than that my biggest problem with the restrooms was that the last person didn’t change the toilet paper roll, which is a nice problem to have. I’d say the Auricle is definitely the best and hippest venue in Canton.

Goggle Optional didn’t bring out any emo or garage rockers and instead opted for as much industrial as they could get. Blight vs. Blight started the show off with his hardcore techno. I’m not used to seeing acts that are just one person twiddling knobs on a mixer and playing with a keyboard, and usually hate them when I do, but Blight manages to keep things 2013-02-23_20-26-12_391 - Copyinteresting with his pulsing beats and fake blood that he covers himself in during performance. I enjoyed the dark techno with lyrics I was hearing and he must have read my mind because about the time I was starting to think “all these songs sound the same” he switched it up a little bit and went for a poppier, late 80’s, Pretty Hate Machine-ish sound that held my attention for the rest of his set. My chief complaint with Blight vs. Blight is that I can’t dance very well and I didn’t have any ecstasy or meth. I would love to see him as the opening act for a rave.

Almost All In Good Fun managed to impress me and leave me wanting more yet again. After a few jokes from the bongo player (is he a bongo-er or a bongoist?) they dove headlong into their strange Nirvana meets Hee Haw brand of Alternative that is both refreshing and just plain weird. It’s great to see a band doing something unique and therefor unsafe. They don’t play a radio friendly rock style but it’s music that I’d love to 2013-02-23_21-38-40_976 - Copyhear more of on the radio. My biggest complaint with them is that their set was cut short. They handed a guitar to Dr. Eichman from Exostra and headed to do a costume change. When they returned in drag their set was over. While I’d definitely would have liked to hear the song they were set to perform I do understand the Auricle’s desire to keep the ball rolling and the show moving and refuse to pick a side in any feud that may erupt. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see All In Good Fun again soon and also enjoy another show at the Auricle.

Syringe played a great set. They introduced several new songs to their repertoire and blasted through a few old ones. While some of the guitar parts were fudged, the stage antics (or general noise of other instruments) managed to cover it up. One of the problems with the pseudo-performance art is that once the Styrofoam planks and confetti come out, the show is more about playing Frisbee than about the music. Hopefully in the future this occurrence will be averted, but I still have to say that it is a lot of fun smashing stuff over peoples heads.2013-02-23_22-32-16_357

Overall I feel there were three solid sets performed by three great local bands and I’m hoping that I’ll cross paths with all of them in the future. It was great to see members from several other local groups in the audience. The Inhumanity, Passing Time, Exostra and Two Dead Roses all stopped in to support the local scene. It’s nice to see bands coming out to shows just for the love of music and not simply the need to self promote.


Special thanks goes out to Dream the Hero and everyone involved with the “Taste The Scene: Forgive Charlie Sheen” event that I covered last week. I managed to receive over 200 views of my blog in three days thanks to the promotion and buzz I received from all the great bands on the bill. I think that’s more people than were at the event. Thanks again!



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