Bad Religion – Christmas Songs

Bad_religion_christmas_songs(29 October 2013)

I’m not a fan of Christmas. I don’t like the cold, the snow or the rampant consumerism. I find it extremely ironic that a holiday intended to celebrate the birth of Christ has become cause for the biggest celebration of greed on the calendar. And I don’t care much for the never ending refrain of Christmas music coming from the radio.

But it’s that time of year. I wanted to review some Christmas music and I thought Bad Religion’s Christmas Songs would be a good choice. I expected some biting social commentary dealing with everything that I personally hate about the Yuletide season. But wait… what’s this? Their covering traditional religious songs?!

Of course they do a great job rocking out to these traditional tunes. I’m not a huge fan of the vocal opening on “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” but once it finds it’s rhythm it rocks. My favorite track is “Angels We Have Heard on High” which reminds me of Patty Smith with it’s chorus of ‘Gloria, In Excelsius Deo.’

bad-religion-punk-crossbusterBut what disturbs me is a band that have always been secular to the point of adopting a ‘no parking for religion’ sign as their logo playing religious tunes. I feel like its a statement. I think they’re trying to say something here. I’m not entirely sure what they’re saying, but it’s something. And the fact that they include a version of “American Jesus” to close out the album only confirms that suspicion.

Maybe in their own way their proclaiming the death of Christmas as a religious holiday and its full assimilation into secular culture.

Or maybe they just wanted the revenue from a Christmas album.

Local Bands to Watch

I don’t write about local bands often because most local bands suck. And most of the ones that don’t suck aren’t very good. So instead of having them go jihad on my Facebook for pointing out why they’re playing to 20 people at the Foundry in Lakewood instead of 18,200 at Madison Square Garden, I’ll just point out the best.

Against All Odds Album CoverAgainst All Odds – I still haven’t gotten around to checking out these guys’ album, but if it’s anything like their live show it contains a lot of really fun, high energy, well written punk rock. And maybe a guy in a grass skirt and coconut bra.

Minimal Concern – These guys are more of a hardcore act than I usually go for. Maybe I like them because even though there’s a lot of screamed, unintelligible vocals, they still have a lot of melody in them.


Decepticon Theory – Usually I don’t get into metalcore at all. I find the genre boring and devoid of feeling. Decepticon Theory liven things up by playing ‘Nintendo-core’ and mixing in video game samples and singing about Pokemon. That’s just enough humor to bring me into the fold.

Faceplant JunkiesFaceplant Junkies – I used to be in a band with the singer that was a thrash-punk hybrid. I think I like this straight punk version of some of those old songs better.

The Last Show for Dimebag


It’s been 10 years since this happened, but it seems like a lifetime.

Originally posted on The Audible Stew:

Every now and again someone mentions Pantera and Dimebag Darrell. And every time that happens the conversation turns to his murder at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, OH.

I don’t mention that I was there every time. Sometimes people talk so fast and so much that I have trouble getting a word in edgewise. And anyway… even if they asked what it was like I couldn’t explain it as well as I did in this story I wrote for a college class a few years ago.

It was originally published on Buzzbin Magazine’s Website, but it was brought to my attention that this link is no longer working so I’ve posted the text below.

I took this shot on a digital camera a few seconds before the end of the show.

I took this shot on a digital camera a few seconds before the end of the show.

Flyer for the last Damgeplan show

Flyer for the last Damgeplan show

I was expecting to see the best concert of my life…

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The Basement Boys -III

The Basement Boys - IIIMy first thought about the Basement Boys was that they’re a folkier version of their fellow Philadelphian’s the Dead Milkmen. “Tupac” has a gonzo-surf-punk vibe, but mellowed out with a bit of Bob Dylan.

The reality thought is that I find these guys a little bit harder to pigeonhole. Which is saying something. One of my biggest pet peeves when people say ‘We don’t really know who we sound like,’ because nearly without fail I can listen to them for 10 seconds and pin the genre down. But with these guys… well, it just ain’t working.

“The River” is an interesting slow dance. I love the the silliness of “milknarf (Interlude 1).” Somehow it’s possible to hear them telling jokes with the guitar licks. On “Untitled” I nearly recognize the opening guitar lick from some classic rock song, but then it’s mixed with banjo and harmonica and the song takes on a life of it’s own. “Honestly, Again?” is a perfect combination of doo-wop, early rock and roll and surf guitar. I love the laid back blues infused “Not Today.” “1234” continues songs in the Dead Milkmen vein and “Five” is a great closer with long guitar note bends.

The closest comparison I guess could be made would be to the Eagles. After all, both bands mix rock and roll with country or folk, but that’s like comparing Faith No More with Primus just because they’re both weird.

Really you’d just be better checking them out for yourself. If I’ve managed to intrigue you with this review check them out here. And if you enjoy their sound don’t forget to like them on Facebook.

Are You Lost 8?

"Take that Alice, you dirty slut!"

“Take that Alice, you dirty slut!”

naked slut in chains

video the most lust slut – usually I tavel to to find videos like this.

very taboo young nude gallery

 layne staley rage against the machine naked These pictures have different meanings. RATM was protesting the PMRC and Steven Adler was protesting good taste.

scio factory pictures ohio pottery

jerry cantrell pinterest - I’m sure they were looking for pictures of his penis and just 1910001_10202366648590091_7589657265662642234_nmistyped.

jerry cantrell interview – I’m sure they were looking for pictures of his penis and just mistyped.

jerry cantrell groupie

crazy thing axl rose has done actually, there’s a few. here and here

juggalo face paint drawings

frozen (original motion picture soundtrack)

Demon wings sold separately.

Demon wings sold separately.

rage against the machine clothing usually I get people searching for RATM lack of clothing.

sharlotte horrible nude

danzig lead singer – Yeah, what is that guys name?

The Hottest Rock Stars

After my tasteless post a few weeks ago on the best songs to play while committing suicide, I thought it would be appropriate if I were to do a totally misogynistic post to repulse my remaining readers. So I present you…


Maria BrinkMaria Brink of In This Moment – I like what she’s doing artistically with the old-timey lingerie and the tinfoil bunny ears; but personally, I thought she looked better with her clothes on.

Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil – Another one I’ve never understood. I hear she has nice feet?

Joan Jett – I never cared much for her until I saw that movie The Runaways. Now I love rock and roll.

Pink – I fell in love at about :45 when she starts jumping rope. Like I said… Misogyny

Otep – Whereas Pink definitely could kick my ass, I get the feeling Otep wants to kick my ass. And for some reason that’s really sexy.

Miley Cyrus – I admit to it.

Yeah, I'd do Chris Cornell. And I don't think that's gay.

Yeah, I’d do Chris Cornell. And I don’t think that’s gay.

Katy Perry – I once heard her referred to as ‘the tits I could play with until the end of time.’ I’m not sure I could do it that long, but Earth would be a cinder burnt out by the expanding sun by the time I was done.

Chris Cornell – I’m not gay or anything. I don’t want to have sex with him. I just want to spoon… man.

This has been my desktop background for a while now.

This has been my desktop background for a while now.


Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless – So what if she looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book. She’s still the sexiest who this side of Horton’s eardrum.

Shirley Manson of Garbage – Scottish red head? Potty mouth? Terminator? YES! YES! YES!

If any of you ever find yourself in need of American citizenship, use me for your green card.

If any of you ever find yourself in need of American citizenship, use me for your green card.



Kittie – It was well documented that every metal dude on the face of the planet was in love with Kittie when they first came out in 1999, but has anyone heard their latest album?

Fiona Apple – I think every guy around my age who remembers this video was in love with Fiona Apple.

All joking aside, these women may have turned my head with their looks, but unlike a plethora of famous singers who aren’t on this list; they managed to keep my attention.